Thursday, 10 July 2014

7 New Souvenirs in August

Well I can't believe it has almost been a year since announced that they were launching the "31 Days of Caching" Campaign.  Last August (the month that International Geocaching Day is held) challenged us to cache every day in August, and we the cachers of the world received a digital souvenir on our profile page for each day we found a cache or attended an event.  This was received with mixed reviews from the caching community.  Many loved it, while many absolutely hated it.  The forums over at were filled with comments of praise, opposition, and some with helpful suggestions. 

We The GO! Team did all 31 days last August, and quite frankly we loved every moment of it.  When planning out our 31 days we decided that it would be best to focus on a cache type that we had neglected; so it was decided that we would do a Multi-stage cache on each day, or to attend an event if one was available. To learn a little more on the types of caches out there click HERE.  Also to help people out and to give them a boost and to help them keep a physical cache open for another day, we hosted an event every Saturday that month.  It was a blast getting out there and find streaking for 31 days.

Well this year it seems has come up with something new!  And while we loved doing their challenge last year we, we are glad that it is something different this time around.
This year has announced 7 new souvenirs only, 6 to collect and one special final 7th that unlocks when you do collect the 6.
I think this may be received better by the caching community at large.  Why??  Well because it seems that they listened to the cachers on the forums.  One of the most common complaint I saw was that the 31 days flooded their souvenir section of their profiles with unwanted digital clutter.  And with that complaint I saw many suggest less souvenirs with a reward for completion.  So in my opinion, this is a resolution to the problem that was presented last year.

Sadly like in any digital forum there will still be haters, and like the saying goes "Haters gonna hate"!  So I am sure if I was to jump over to the forums right now, I would find many people complaining yet again about's new idea.  So with that said, I think I will avoid looking and just enjoy the challenge presented to us from the company that brings adventure and excitement into our lives.

To read about's new challenge head over to their blog "Latitude 47" by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Introducing The GO! Team's Stat Widget and the The GO! Team Adventures Geocaching Blog Facebook Page

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a quick update to bring your attention to two new features to our geocaching adventures blog.

The first is The GO! Team's geocaching stat widget featured right here on the bog page.  You will notice the widget below the list of followers in the top right corner of the blog page.  Here you can see our find count go up as we find caches, and see how close we are to all our milestones.

We also like to introduce The GO! Team Adventures Geocaching Blog Facebook Page (wow that is a mouthful)!  In the past for friends and family I have posted links to the individual blogs via my personal Facebook Timeline.  But now we will be sharing our links on the Facebook Page!
If you are on Facebook and would like to show your support by liking our page, just head one over by clicking on this link HERE and hit the "Like" button to show your support and to receive notifications of new blogs and related posts.

We are looking forward to seeing you all over at Facebook!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Trackables & Geocoins Everywhere!

I noticed it has been a while since I wrote a story just for the heck of it.  The last time I did was on June 27 2012, and it was about logging caches and adding photos.  You can read the story HERE.
That story was inspired by a photograph that was added to someones "Found it" log on one of my cache hides.

Please note that you can at any time click on any of the images in the blog to view a larger version!

Today's story is inspired from a discovery I made on June 18th, 2014.  When I logged into that day and headed over to my profile, I discovered that we The GO! Team had discovered/moved our 1000th geocaching trackable.  Not an amazing feat, but one that should not be taken lightly.  You see geocaching trackables play just as important role in geocaching as the caches themselves.

So yes, today I wanted to talk about geocaching trackables!  For those of you that don't know, geocaching trackables are another aspect to the game.  They act as our proxys, traveling the world while being fueled by us the geocachers.  They come in two forms, Travel Bugs or aka TBs, and Geocoins.

An example of a Travel Bug is piece of metal like a military dog tag usually sporting some sort of graphic art, the most common piece of graphic art is the bar code scarab.  Inscribed on the dog tag is a code or tracking number, and is the most important part of the TB as it is what is used to log the trackable on  The unique feature of the TB is that it can be attached to any object we want (within reason of course).  This object is what we call a traveler.  Many use some cool piece of SWAG or something that the owner of the TB thinks would be neat to attach.

The second type as mentioned above is the Geocoin.  These can be hands down the most beautiful and coveted of the geocaching trackables.  Quite frankly these are traveling works of art, which makes them very desirable to some.  The Geocoin is just that, a coin.  They can be in many different shapes and sizes, for example I have one that is meant to look like a iPhone.  What sets the Geocoin apart is the art on them.  The art can be personal art so that the coin is a signature item, or the art can be something that just makes the coin pop and set a theme.  Possibilities are really endless!   A quick Google Image Search of the word "Geocoins" will net you a huge amount of images of various types of Geocoins out there.  And just like the Travel Bug, the coin also has a tracking number on it.

So when someone purchases a Geocoin or TB and activates it, they have an intention in mind and set a goal on the trackables specific page.  This goal is to set the trakable free and have it travel the world cache to cache, or for it to make its way to a specific location or cache, or maybe they keep it with them and take it to events just for people to discover.  But let's not focus on the ones that stay with their owners, but rather on the ones that are out there traveling the world.  It is us the geocaching communities of the world that give these trackables the ability to do what they were designed to do.. And that is to make them travel!

Should you find one of these in a cache it is up to us to pick up and move it, or to just leave it where it lies and just discover it.  It is all a matter of choice; however should you decide to pick it up, you are bound to a set of guidelines and etiquette.

First, if you pick it up you absolutely need to make the time to log that you have it on!
This is what that tracking number on the trackable is for, you need to navigate to the "Find Trackables" page on the website. For in depth information on how to do this you can read the instructions provided by Groundspeak ('s parent company) at this link HERE.  They also cover the "Discover" option, which is used when you leave a trackable where it is but want to say that you saw it.
Also if you plan to keep the trackable with you for a while and only want to dip the trackable (what we call visit), you will also find info for that in the link I provided.

Another thing you should take into consideration here is that you should not hold onto that trackable for more than a week.  Trackable owners what to see that their trackable is moving, and that many people are getting a chance to enjoy helping the TB or Geocoin along.  But lets say you will be able to help the trackable meet some of it's goals, but that thing you are going to do to help is a month away.  Well what you can do is write about it in your pick up log on the trackables page, or just shoot the owner a message to let them know your intentions.

For example, I retrieved a TB at a recent event.  The TB's goals is to travel and visit all the states in the Continental United States.  I know I will be going to Oregon in just over a months time, so I logged that I will be keeping the trackable for an extended time.  This informs the owner that I have all intentions of moving the trackable, and that I will be helping it get one step closer to reaching it's goals.  This is considered proper etiquette, and gives the owner a chance to message you if they disapprove.

Oh and one last thing.  If you have someone else's trackable in your inventory, please don't quit geocaching before dropping it off.  It is very discouraging to a trackable owner to have to hit the "Report As Missing" button.  They didn't create the trackable for it to just disappear, so always take the time to unsure that you place it in a cache.  Trust me I have had several of mine disappear, which has made me turn everyone I make now a "Discovery Only" item

A big thank you to all the responsible trackable movers in the community/world for taking the time to ensure this side quest in geocaching is done correctly.  And a thank you to all who have read this and the provided links to learn how to be a responsible trackable movers of the future!

Friday, 4 July 2014

all4fun! Waz Here!

Today there was a quick event at a little square by the Victoria Breakwater today "GC57ANX - The Race is One!".  It was hosted by all4fun! who arrived on the Norwegian Cruise Ship - The Pearl.  This little pit stop for the ship happens to be on it's way home from visiting the Alaskan Inside Passage.

all4fun! had a mission in mind though, and the event played a role in this happening.  There is a local cache called "Gordie Howe" #9 Challenge - GC53VZ6" that requires the finder to have found 9 cache types in single day in the Victoria area.  A feat that not even I have tried yet, mostly because I have done all the Whereigo caches in Victoria and need them in order to do it.  And since she only had 5 hours to do the requirement, she really had to put it into full gear.  But let me get back to the story...

Since I had to work at 4pm I got all cleaned up and dressed up, and headed out the door nice and early to come to this event. I luckily found a parking spot really easily and headed over to the cafe to grab a java before the event. With coffee in hand I wondered to event GZ and met up in Juruu and his daughter Cleobug, and sophiavogt who were already on site. After a bit of chatting the Event host arrived and we signed the log and discovered and picked up trackables to move along.
With the event in full swing GeoGerriCam arrived, and shortly after so did Mr. Islandfinders.

Anyway, we all had a great time chatting it up and helping all4fun! come up with an action plan to complete the challenge.  Mr. Islandfinders offered to help her get to the final to sign in advance, which is allowable on challenge caches.  The only stipulation is that you don't log it on the geocaching website until you actually meet the requirements.  So the event came to an end when they headed off to get the race going.

A big thanks to the event host for putting this on for us, it was a pleasure to meet you all4fun!
I hope you were able to do all the caches you needed to finish your challenge...

See you all again soon!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Caching to Osoyoos for Another Wedding

Well, it seems 2014 is the year to get married.  Cause here we were heading to another one, except this time it was in Osoyoos.  My cousin was getting married to his sweetie, and this was their form of a destination wedding.  Since we would be traveling with my parents that meant my geocaching dad Postie Bear would be with us, and he was itching to grab a few caches along the way.  In the months leading up the wedding we planned and talked about what kind of caches we wanted to do, and the decision was to minimize searching by doing a few Earthcaches.
For those of you new to my blog you can find a description of the various cache types at this Geocache Types link! We felt this would be easy to accomplish and move on, but of course we tossed in a couple of traditional caches for fun too.

We started to travel on Sunday June 15th, 2014.  While we were at Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal waiting to board, I remembered that there was an old mystery cache that was here called "Swartz Bay NBC - GC11F3K".  The information required to log was only obtainable if you were on the sailing side of the gates, but as a previous finder I took my dad to the final.  It was nice to see I could locate it so quickly (as sometimes these things move), and dad signed the very wet logbook.  But when he went to the phone to log it the starting icon wasn't there.  So doing a little homework I figured out that it had been archived due to it being missing.  Well it sure wasn't missing, it was right where I found it back in July of 2011.. So after affirming that it was acceptable to log an archived cache on the GCGV Facebook Page, dad moved forward and logged it as found.  Shortly after we were called back to the vehicle to board the Ferry, and soon were on our way.

The first was just outside of Hope, and it was called "Hope Slide Earthcache - GC1626F".  This was and interesting location, and holds a somber reminder of the destructive power of Mother Nature.  Here at this site was the location of a massive rock slide that buried an entire area,  it's lake, and claimed a few human lives.  There are various websites with information of this area and event, and I encourage you to read about it and possibly pay a visit if you are ever passing by.

The next was a traditional in Manning Park called "BC Parks 100 - Manning Park Resort - GC2ZJ73" that literally just an easy walk up and find.  We didn't spend one second looking for this cache, as soon as our GPSr's beeped the cache was already in hand.
This spot had a nice little cafe nearby, so we stopped to grab a coffee and snack before jetting off once again.

Next we stopped in Princeton and did another Earthcache called "GCR: The Princeton Beer Cave - GC29MDT".  This location has a very interesting history, and a google search will provide you with a ton of links to check out to learn a bit this interesting and unique geological location.

We arrived in Osoyoos a few hours later and checked into the resort where the Wedding was to be held, and pre-wedding partied late into the night with our family.

The next day (June 16th, 2014) was the day of the wedding, but the event wasn't until the late afternoon.  So what does a family of geocachers do when they have some spare time on their hands?? They geocache of course!  So after a nice breakfast we headed out to grab the last Earthcache on our list.  This cache was made by a cacher who used to be a resident of Vancouver Island, and one we had gotten to know in the past.  His caching name is Kiwibirdman, and the cache is called "Osoyoos Lake and Haynes Point Enigma - GC47DDM".
Here we had to put on our thinking caps a bit, as the answers we were seeking were not 100% obvious.  But we did come up with some that we were happy with and headed out; but as we drove out of the park we saw a nature info sign, and we stopped to see if if contained any info relevant to the Earthcache and double check our answers.  And as we piled out of the car the occupants of another vehicle parked nearby noticed the back of my leg (I have a trackable tattooed to it if any of you didn't know, click HERE to learn more).  One of them hopped out of the car to meet us, and ask to discover it.  We learned that they were from Germany on a geocaching holiday and that his caching name is Lost Joe.  We had a nice talk, had our pictures taken together and had to part ways.

On the way back to the resort we stopped for two more quick traditionals, which were nice and easy to find.  They were "Rocky Hill Cache - GC3PYFZ" and "Rocky Road Cache - GC3PYJ0".  Once we had them found it was back to the resort for a quick clean up and change, and soon it was time for my cousin's wedding.

A big thanks to all the cachers who setup/hid the Earthcaches and Traditionals we found on this trip! And to Lost Joe and his girlfriend, it was a pleasure to meet you.  Thanks for taking the time to come over and introducing yourselves!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A CITO at Glen Lake

Well here I am still trying to catch up in all the things that have happened this year.  I have been finding it difficult to get all that has happened into this blog, as there has been so much going on.  But I am trying, and I thank every one of you for staying with me.

This blog is a short one about a CITO that took place on June 14, 2014 at Glen Lake Beach.  I grew up out in this area, and I have ridden my bike here many times in my youth.  I have to tell you, it sure has changed.. And I would say for the better.  There are some wonderful little gardens and a nice little patch of vegetation that lines a little ditch/tributary.  This ditch/tributary was the focus of this CITO, as there have been a number of invasive plant species that have taken root here.

Before the CITO began there was a quick Farmer's themed Flash Mob at the entrance to the park.  We all gathered here for a quick picture holding our pitchforks, spades and other tools while dressed in farmer/cowboy hats, plaid, denim, and gumboots.  Once that was complete it was on to the task at hand.

There was a nice sized group for this event, and it was a good thing since there was so many plants to tackle.
I wish I was able to name some of the plants we were to remove, but sadly their names have eluded me.

After a good hour we all packed it in and headed back to the park gates where we partook at some very yummy cookies made by Mrs. Cache Crop, and some refreshing lemonade!

After some cache chat, solving a nearby new mystery cache, and discovering/moving some trackables we all headed on our way.  And this opens the way to another adventure and blog from this very same weekend.

Nice to see everyone again, and thanks to Cache Crop for hosting this great event!

Monday, 17 February 2014

The GO! Team goes Mexican Part 2

I awoke on the second day expecting to be in a hurting state, but really I felt quite refreshed.  I woke up Just Leafy and we got ready to tackle our day.  We headed down to the buffet for a bite to eat and java, and soon joined up with groom to be and some of his new extended family.
Since Mike had been here a day or so already, he was able to offer us some helpful tips to make the best out of our stay.  He asked what we were up to today, and we told him that we had a geocaching event that we were holding just outside our resorts gates. We also spoke of the virtual cache that we had planned to walk to 20min up the road, and he said that he would like to come with us.  I was all up for that, so we planned a time to meet and split to get ready for the event.

Well even in Mexico the visiting cachers still act like cachers, and that's being early-birds.  We were on time for our event, and there were my attendees waiting for us.  We had four attendees, a family that were actually two teams.  So in the end that was the smallest event log I ever had, three team signatures including our own.

We had a nice hour of talking and getting caching tips for the area, and getting other tips to enjoy our stay in the San Jose del Cabo area.  After all the chats, taking a couple of pictures, and trading some trackables to move along we parted ways and met up with Mike up at his room.

Mike, Leafy and I headed out to do the 20min walk up to the virtual cache.  I was expecting it to be
uphill and not easy to reach due to traffic since google maps made it look like it was in the middle of a busy traffic circle.  But in the end it was a nice lazy incline all the way up the road, and the traffic circle was not busy at all.  We found the required info for logging the cache, took our celebratory photo with the bust of the person the monument celebrates, and made our way back to the resort.
Along the way we paid a visit to a local cemetery, which was amazing to see.  Unlike our cemeteries, this one was colorful, and the people laid to rest here all had little huts or shrines built for them.  It was a sight to see for sure, and I am glad we took a moment to check it out.  After that it was a short walk back to our resort and back to enjoying our vacation.

The third day we just hung out on the beach and at the pool, and of course drank lots of fun and interesting beverages.  And had a great day with our friends.

On the fourth day I had to get up before the sun, as the boys were heading to Cabo San Lucas to go fishing for the stag party.  I had ordered a hamburger and fries via room service the night before so I could have some sort of a breakfast when I woke up.  We met at some god awful hour in the hotel lobby, and hopped in our cab to take us to the marina in Cabo San Lucas.  It was about an 45min from the hotel to the marina, and many of the guys who came were still suffering with some major hangovers took advantage and grabbed a few extra Z's along the way.

When we arrived at the marina we all unloaded and met with our charter guide.  He took us out to the boat where we loaded our gear, ice and booze for the day (of course there was booze, it's a stag party).  We headed out to sea, cast our lines, and those who needed rest dozed while the rest waited for a bite on the line...
Hours and hours passed, we drank, we sang songs, we goofed off, and finally toward the end of the fishing trip we had our bite.  Almost everyone had a chance to reel the feisty little thing in, but the final reel in was reserved for the groom.  And what he pulled in was a fish unlike anything I had ever seen before, a beautiful Mahi Mahi.  It was the strangest fish I had seen too because as it died it changed colour many times, from green to grey, and to the most beautiful blue! 

When we came back in to port, we had these giant sea lions swimming in our wake begging for
leftover bait. Once back on solid ground I asked my guys to let me take off for a few minuets to go grab a quick cache that was nearby.  I ran over, was stumped, and then clued in to what it had to be and shortly had the cache in hand!  After signing I ran back to the guys, hopped in our cab, and headed home to the resort.  That night the resort cooked our fish for us, and we had a fantastic meal!

Later that night many of us were still awake having drinks at the resort's bar which was decorated nicely for Valentines day.  We were pleasently surprised when right at midnight when it officially become the 14th, a Mariachi Band seemingly appeared out of nowhere and started playing.  Then after one song they proceeded to parade out of the lobby into the courtyard onto a stage that was set up, and continued to play serenading to the entire resort.  Just Leafy and I enjoyed that, and had a Valentines Day dance under the stars.  After they were done we turned in for the night, after all the reason we came was today... Mike and Mo were to be married.

The next day was like all the others, except there was wedding to attend.  We had some time to ourselves until then, so we all did what we wanted to until it was time to get ready.
When the time arrived Leafy and I got ready, met up with our friends and attended a beautiful wedding on the beach.  It was a fantastic service, and it was so nice to see Mike and Mo finally tie the knot.  The reception that followed was so much fun, and we had great food and drinks into the wee hours of the night.

The next few days was more of the same stuff, beach time, pool time, lots of drinks, and tons of fun.  So to save time I won't write about that stuff.  But Sunday (our last full day in Mexico) was the day something different happened, so it would be worth telling about that... After all this is a geocaching blog, and that is what happened along other stuff.

We all met after breakfast in the lobby of the hotel and sent a representative to haggle with a taxi driver for us so we could all go to Cabo San Lucas for the day.  For us the guys this was our second trip to this city, but for the ladies it would be their first.  Actually that isn't totally true, as some of the ladies had gone the other night with their boys on a Mexican Bar Crawl that took them to Cabo San Lucas.  But this trip allowed for them to get some shopping and more touristy things done. 

The Cab took us to the marina, and as we walked to our glass bottom boat destination we browsed theEl Arco de Cabo San Lucas, or Lands End, Cabo San Lucas.
various shops and kiosks.  At one point we stopped to watch some hockey on the TV of one of the watering holes we passed by.  Slowly but surely we made our way over to the dock where we were going to haggle for a trip on the glass bottom boats to see the famous
Here there are a few different beaches, but the most famous beaches are the two at the very end.  The beach on the harbor side is called  Lovers Beach (with distinctly calm waters), while the beach on the Pacific Ocean side is called Divorce Beach (which has some pretty wicked waves and an amazingly powerful under tow).

The boat Captain took us out and told us about the area and it's many features and I was able to get the picture I needed for the Earchcache that is located here "Lands End - GC319DN", and then dropped us off at Lovers Beach. 
Upon our arrival we were immediately hit up by the locals on the beach for money, specifically for letting us have our pictures taken with their iguanas.
We stayed at the beach for an hour, and headed back to the boat which had returned for us.  Sadly there was another cache on the beach cliffs that I could have gone for, but since it wasn't on my GPS getting it was next to impossible.  But at least it gives me a reason to return to this beautiful spot again someday.

When we returned the marina we all shopped some more, and some of us made some very nice
purchases that were to be proud of. Eventually made our way back to the taxis.  This time we were not as successful in haggling our price back home, so it cost a few dollars more to get back to the resort.  When we returned we had a little time to freshen up and met up with the newlyweds for dinner at the Italian a la carte restaurant.
After another fun night of drinking we headed off to bed one last time.

We thankfully didn't have to depart until later in the day on the 17th, so with a sleep in and some breakfast we packed up and got ready to go.  And when the time came we headed out to catch our bus to the airport and started the long trek back home.  We had a brief layover in Calgary, where the  Newlyweds and the Alberta folk parted ways with us.  After saying our goodbyes we headed back through Security, had us some grub in the airport, and then departed for Victoria.

A big thank you to Mike and Maureen for the invite, a thanks to our fantastic friends for being wonderful travel companions, another thanks to the geocachers who placed or setup the caches we did in the Cabo area, and super huge thanks to you my readers for patiently waiting for me to get caught back up in my blog.

The GO! Team goes Mexican Part 1

Hi every one, once again I am behind on writing about our geocaching adventures.  But back in February we embarked on an adventure that neither of us would ever forget.
After our wedding in July we received an invitation to witness one of my good friends from high school get married to his long time sweetie, and this was to take place in Los Cabos Mexico.
Well how could we say no to that?  Not only would this allow us to go somewhere both of us have always wanted to go to, but also would allow for me to add another country to the list of places I have cached in.

Like any avid cacher I instantly jumped on the computer, logged into, and started a search of the area we would be staying in.
I was a little disappointed at one point, as my search resulted in very little caches in the area.  But my disappointment dissolved when I reminded myself of the fact I really wasn't there to cache, but to witness my friends getting married.  So I created a PQ (Pocket Query) of what I thought I could do and went with that.

The months passed leading to when we would be going, and then I had an epiphany!!  Why not host an event!  With a little more than a month left before leaving I drafted up a listing for an event to take place outside my resort.  And shortly it was listed the "Will Attend" logs started to roll in (not many, but enough).

Soon the day arrived (February 11th), and those of us going out of Victoria all met up at the airport and started the long day of traveling.   It was neat for me to travel with these people, as they were good old friends that I had never traveled with before.  I was especially pleased to see that we traveled well together, since in the past I have learned you can be good friends with someone and not be travel compatible at the same time.

We all left from Victoria with a brief stop in Vancouver, and boarded our plane that would take us directly to Los Cabos.

While in Vancouver
we stocked up on some mini bottles of alcohol to get us in the mood for the gong show that would ensue once we arrived.  And in a short while we were on our 5hr flight south to warm weather, endless drinks, and fun in the sun... Not to forget geocaching!

The flight down was really nothing to write about, just us on the plane all seated together laughing and telling stories to catch up since some of us haven't see each other since our wedding in July!  But it made the time go by, and soon we arrived in San Jose del Cabo. We got through Mexican Customs nice and easy, and made our way to the WestJet Vactions bus that would take us to our hotel.  A short ride later we pulled into the driveway of our Resort, and there was our friend and groom waiting for us at the Resort doors.  We all quickly checked in, got our wristbands and grabbed our first drinks and headed to our rooms to settle in and freshen up before meeting the rest of the wedding crew downstairs.

Needless to say, the whole group of us really partied it up that first night and didn't turn in for the night until 3am. Well if this was to be a sign of what the rest of the trip would be like, I knew it had to be a total blast.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this amazing wedding/geocaching trip to Mexico!