Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Fourth Milestone (1000)

Wow!  I knew we would make it to this major milestone, but man did it take a lot of perseverance, blood, sweat, and tears (ok not so much the tears part)!  I really wanted for us to reach this milestone on my birthday May 31st, and so with that we really had to cut down on the amount of caches we did that month.  Even while we were in Las Vegas we could not do as many as we could have done, because it would have taken us over the threshold.  Anyway, we held off and eventually my birthday arrived.  We had originally planned to go do a specific cache as our 1000th, but on recommendations from other cachers we scrapped that idea as they wished us to find something more memorable than the one we had planned.

We were given many suggestions, but since I was going to head to Duncan to visit with my Best Friend and his Wife and Son I figured it be best we did one en route.  And so we chose again on recommendation from Soobax-mom and Sheesh695 that "GC2P86F - Shout-out to bcrockcrawler by JoPo2010" would be cache number 1000.
To read the log CLICK HERE

This was a nice easy short walk from the parking coordinates, and the view here is what made it worthwhile.  We really enjoyed this cache a lot, and we totally recommend this to others looking for a cache in a spectacular spot to use for a milestone or even just to visit because you are in the area.
Now to continue on to all the other stories and milestone as they come along

Monday, 9 May 2011

Viva Las Vagas

On May 03, 2011 we The GO! Team and our friend BladefireCDN (brand new cacher at the time) headed to Las Vegas to celebrate thefurturespuds 33rd birthday.  Sadly thefuturespud (the very man who started all 3 of us geocaching) forbid us to cache in Vegas while he was there.  So guess what we did....  We came early without him.  And cache we did, and as well I had a Geocache Event planned at the Luxor Hotel!
There are a surprisingly large amount of Virtuals and Micro Traditionals along the Las Vegas Strip.  So armed with GPS's and info sheets we hit the streets the very night we arrived.

We started up in Old Town around Freemont Street and found about five that night before deciding to retire for the evening.  And at the crack of dawn on May 04, 2011 (ok not the crack of dawn, but it was early) we started our 2.5km crazy hike in the blistering 38ÂșC heat.  This eventually took us to the welcome to Las Vegas sign south of the strip, and netted us roughly 12 caches.
After walking the 2.5km back to the hotel (yes we were crazy enough to do the walk again) we all cleaned up and re-hydrated ourselves and ate lunch.  Feeling re-energized we headed back north (via the Duce Bus this time) to the Stratosphere, and started doing Virtuals all the way back.  But time was running short  for the day, cause the time of my event at the Luxor was fast approaching.  So rushing to get as many as we could done before having to eat dinner, we surprised ourselves and got quite a few more for that day.

Soon evening was upon us and we returned to the hotels once more to get cleaned up and eat, but man were we really feeling the exhaustion (I nearly fell asleep into my dinner plate).  But now it was time for "ShadowcasterCDN is Coming to Town!!! - GC2RMCZ" my event at the Luxor.  
I was completely impressed with the turn out too, roughly 30 cachers were present at the event, with the visitors from the farthest away being from France.   A great time was had by all, and we all got to meet some very wonderful cachers from Vegas and beyond!
We then went out with a local cacher named USAF_MSGT  for some fun desert and residential caching, and bumped our numbers up to 31 for the trip so far.  And by the time we hit our rooms that night, we all hit our beds and passed right out.

The day thefuturespud was scheduled to arrive was May 05, 2011, which is the celebrated Cinco de Mayo.  What a great day that was!  The weather was pushing 42°, which just made you want to purchase nice cold margaritas.  And guess what!?  They add extra shots of tequila for free that day, WEEEEEEE!  So onward with a few more caches and getting a little intoxicated as we go.  And by now we were at 39 caches for the trip.  But all too soon thefuturespud's plane landed and the geo-fun came to an end, and the birthday fun began. 

What a great geo-trip this turned out to be.  Beware Las Vegas, we will be back!!!