Monday, 18 July 2011

Iona Beach Jetty at Iona Beach Regional Park

I had it planned with my friend from work that I would drive him to the ferries for the 9pm sailing to the mainland on July 17, 2011.  During the day that day Just Leafy and I went out for breakfast at Ricky's at Admirals Walk, and we discussed whether we would like to go over too to do some geocaching.  We came to the conclusion that a little spontaneous behavior never hurt anyone, and made it happen.

Technically our first cache of the trip was at the Ferry Terminal and was "Exteme Muggle Zone-Ferry Good - GCVCTA" which had a few DNFs as of late, and we had to prove it was still there.  We did find it, and posted a set of coordinates that should help other cachers make the find before it gets moved again.

Staying the night in Delta at my friends parents place, we awoke and had breakfast with everyone and headed to a place of easy fun caches that proves to be a good full day.  This was Iona Beach Regional Park, and the series that is here called "Salish Sea 1 - 16" were recommended by our geofriends Stellalabella. 
This series of caches is located in Iona Beach Regional Park and will take you out along the Iona Jetty (map) which juts out nearly 4 km into the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia). You may walk or cycle on graveled trails either atop or beside the large waste water pipe that extends the full length of the Jetty.  And as I said before it is a full day of walking!

Walking the full expanse of the jetty doing all 16 in the series and the two others at the very end was an amazingly fun day.  If you do the series make sure to get all the clues from the containers and logbooks, so you can piece together the clues to make the coordinates to the final.  Unfortunately we did not get to the final this day because by the time we walked the 4km back to the car my feet were on fire, and we still had to get to IKEA and spend a few hours there wandering around.  This was not all we had to skip as there is a whole other section of the Regional Park with caches on it too,  and this was the 4km strip of Iona Beach.  So this means we will be back again to finish this off in entirety someday soon.

On the way home on the ferry we ran into Porchlizard, Soobax-mom and Sheesh695 returning home from the Geocaching Mega Event in Three Hills Alberta.  We got to hear about it all, and saw the pictures and it sounded like we missed out on a fantastic event!  But at least we got our own adventure in too! 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The GO! Team Signature Item

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a little news with you all to maybe get your fun engines running a little. 
We understand that some of you like to collect signature items created by cachers.  So we had some made.  We would like to announce that over the next little while we will be placing (in caches large enough to contain them) our Limited Edition The GO! Team Signature Fridge Magnets

There is only 50 of these in existence and each magnet in the series is numbered on the back, so you will know which one you have.  So who will have the prestige of finding/having number 01, with time we will see!  Remember folks these are to keep, so if you pick one up don't just drop it in another cache!

They look like this:


It contains our caching names, team name, caching contact info, URL (incase any of you have forgotten it LOL), and sports a handsome picture of what we feel really defines geocaching (the great outdoors)! 

Looking forward to seeing in your logs who picked these guys up! 


ShadowcasterCDN of The GO! Team

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wet n' Wild

Today Just Leafy and I headed out to try and grab "Plantman_Geocache#10 - GC7C1A".
We had been studying the tide charts and the tide was going to be below 1m today, so we thought this was the day. Now the free tide charts are just an approximation of the actual, and this was surely the case today. 

As we started to wade out we could tell very quickly that the water would be up to our necks or more. And though the Oregon550 claims to be ipx7 waterproof, I don't trust that statement. So we turned around. I wonder if we will ever get to these little island caches.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To New Heights, New Lows and a few Wet Feet!

Today Just Leafy and I headed out to Albert Head Lagoon  to try and get two caches that we have previously failed at or had not attempted.   Those were "Two Lagoons - GC1B04F", "Tree Sturgeon - GC2DHE7".  The first of the two mentioned "Two Lagoons" is where we got our wet feet.  Even though the tide was low, it was just not low enough to cross even where the water fans out without sinking a bit and getting all wet.  We found the cache nice and dry, and tried to cover it a bit better since it was a little exposed when we arrived.  With that out of the way we moved on to the nearly 1km walk to "Tree Sturgeon"!

Here Just Leafy wanted to go up and get it, since you literally have to go out on a limb to get it.  With encouraging words I stayed below guided her along with positive reinforcement.  And very shortly we had the funny little container in hand.

After the hike back to the car we drove off to grab our final one of the day "You can't get there from here - GCF220" at an undisclosed location (you have to figure it out, no spoiler here)!  This is where we went to new lows since the cache pages clue tells you that you must think like a troll!

All in all, a great morning out with each other!
And another adventure in the bag.