Thursday, 22 December 2011

50 Straight Days of Caching

Back on November 03, 2011 Just Leafy and I started a statistical challenge of trying for 100 straight days of caching.
Today on December 22, 2011 we found "CRD History Series: V&S Railway - GC2QWBQ" by Kiwibirdman, which marks 50 straight days of caching completed.

Wow half way there now, and in the beginning it seemed to be such along way to go. We know we can make it now. Thanks for all the great caches out there folks, for without them this challenge would not be possible

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Milestone Christmas

When I logged my intent to attend the event I had no inkling of a thought as to what I was eventually to do.  It only came to me early last week when the thought of proposing to Just Leafy that it crossed my mind.  It was time, for we had just on November 21 celebrated 7 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend.  I have to give it to Just Leafy, she has staying power for sure.

When I had for sure made up my mind, that’s when the anxiety and panic attacks started.  Just Leafy noticed and was very concerned, but was also very shocked at how calm I was about them.  She knew when I was having them, but supposedly I showed great strength in trying to defeat them and wait them out.
So time went on the event got closer, and I purchased the ring on Friday afternoon.  I even arranged for my best friend who started caching recently to be there to witness.  With only two days left I bided my time as the intensity and duration of my anxiety/panic attacks increased.  Early in the morning of the day of the event (and my forthcoming proposal) at 2am I had the worst one yet.  It was so bad it cracked my strength and I had a bit of a cry, and of course Just Leafy was just beside herself and felt helpless to help me.

I kept asking myself why, why are you feeling like this?  I knew she would say yes, that’s why I had decided to do it publically in front of my geofriends and peers.  And that was the answer really; it was the openness of how I planned it, I know I can publicly speak, I just hate doing it.  But it was down to the wire now, only a few short hours to go. 
So we picked up A of alyseluvsmike and drove up to Shawnigan Lake for the event.

By the time we arrived at the event my hands were trembling so badly I could not even sign the logbook, so SoobaxM kindly did it for me.  I told her I had a milestone achievement I wanted to announce and award to someone.  And she said “Oh by all means”!!  But even though this event was our 1300th cache what I had planned was not a geoachievement, so I wanted to respect everyone who had an achievement to celebrate by letting them go first.  So as everyone announced theirs I waited patiently until I could be the very last one.  And when that time came, I found the strength to get up and do my speech and lowered myself to one knee, produced the ring and asked that all important question “Will you marry me??”!  And of course she said YES!!!

A very big congratulations to every cacher that had a milestone to celebrate, a huge congrats to Sheesh on her 5000th find, and thanks to SoobaxM and the Cache-Keteers for hosting the event.  As well thanks for all the well wishes to Just Leafy and I, we appreciated them all!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

TC Trail @ Shawnigan Lake

On December 03, 2011 Just Leafy and I decided it would be a great idea to get out of the city for the day and go on a geocaching adventure.  Remembering that there was a large section of the Trans Canada Trail in Shawnigan Lake that was untouched by us, we figured that would be a great  place to go.

We arrived a little time before noon and parked the Jeep, and slinging our bags to our backs we started out.  I have to say, it was clod that day.  The puddles and little rain pools that scattered the trail were frozen with a thin layer of ice, and the frost never cleared that day at all.  But it was beautiful winters day out, with the sky so blue and not a cloud in the sky! 

The first find was right where we parked, a little too close to the port-a-pottie for my liking.  And with that first one out of the way it was on to the next. 
Around the time we made our third find of the day we met some other cachers.  We would have joined forces with them, but they never offered.  But we did not mind as we really did want a nice day out together.

It was find, after find, after find, until we got all of them up to the ones we started with months and months ago.  In total, from the parking to the last cache we walked 5.11km;  And then with the return trip having a total distance traveled on foot of 10.22km.  We found 20 caches total, and really boosted our numbers!

Thanks to everyone who placed all these wonderful caches, you help provide us with an amazing day and adventure!!!!