Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Other Part Of Geocaching!

Well the majority of the blog posts you have read here have been primarily about our geocaching adventures.  Where we have gone, what we have seen, who we hung out with.  These are the things that make geocaching the amazing activity that it is.  And it's these things that cache owners love reading about. 

Alot of cachers write amazing stories to go with their geocaching logs, while a few just add a simple TFTC (Thanks For The Cache).  While the act of logging a cache is all that is necessary and that simple TFTC is perfectly acceptable, the people that take the time to write their story about the adventure is something cache owners love to read (well atleast we do).

The other part of a great and fun to read log is pictures!  I love it when I see picutres included with someones cache logs!  It is a great way for me to see my cache the way they see it in relation to thier log.  It is just great!

Now I just wanted to take the time to showcase one such picture that was included with a particular log entry.  I contacted this cacher and asked if they would be cool if I showcased this picture here in my blog, and they were ectatic!

So anyway I have this cache "GC2M8ZX - This Alder has an Olympic View".  It's nothing special really, just a Bison Tube in a bush outside my place.  But I had been reading that this particular spot had some wonderful and beautiful snails living there.  Now I live right there, and do you think I actually got out to look at said snails. The answer to that would be no I didn't, but thanks to Gimli*/GeoJoce I got to see them after they were gone. 

This picutre is one that really shows the beauty that can be found in those less than beautiful urban hides.
So thank you Gimli*/GeoJoce for sharing your find in this fantastic photo!