Saturday, 26 November 2011

Kinsol Trestle with Alyseluvsmike

On November 26 we headed out to clean up some caches off our list in the Kinsol Trestle area with alyseluvsmike.  Unfortunately for us the rain was just pouring down on this day, but with intrepid hearts we still went out and nabbed 6 caches in total.  Sadly we got no pictures this day, as the camera is not waterproof and I would not risk water damaging it. 
I admit it was not a very impressive numbers day, but we were happy with it (and even happier to get dry and warm again).  And as usual with alyseluvsmike getting dry again means a trip to a nice warm cozy pub over great hot comfort food.  Thanks for a great day alyseluvsmike, we always enjoy it!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

100 Days of Caching

Today we announce that we The GO! Team intend to go for a statistic challenge.  This challenge is to complete a running streak of 100 day of geocaching.  We intend to do this by finding at least one cache per day for each of the 100 days intended.  We feel this is a very easy goal to meet, and will be very easy on both of our already very busy work schedules.  So cheer us on as we work towards this statistical goal!