Saturday, 25 June 2011

Newcastle Island

On Saturday June 25th, 2011 a fairly large group of cachers under the leadership of Ladysmith cacher Paulboy were heading out to find all of the geocaches on Newcastle Island in Nanaimo.  Myself and cacheandshoot from here in Victoria drove up early in the morning to meet up with Paulboy, Princess!, Bigbluemarble, Cougar Kid and o know.  

We all loaded up onto the boat that takes you over, and very shortly our adventure began.  We started off with a fun little multi-stage cache that we all enjoyed alot, and then onto the traditionals, a earth cache, more traditionals, and followed up with a fun mystery cache.  
We had a really great time, and lots and lots of laughs which is expected when you are out with a large number of cachers for the day (especially with Paulboy)!!  All in all we completed 17 caches (all of them), and according to cacheandshoots GPS we did about 15km on foot around the island looking for all the caches.  It was a fantastic and memorable day!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Day By The Lake

Today Just Leafy and I packed up and headed out to Shawnigan Lake again.  This time to do all the easy little drive up and find caches around the perimeter of the lake.  We had a fantastic time, the weather was perfect and everything went according to plan.  We did notice however that people that drive here drive like crazy animals, on several occasions we had people literally force us off the road.  We never saw a single sign that said the speed limit was over 60 kmph, and we had people forcing us up in speeds to 70-80 kmph before we could find a shoulder to pull over onto.

Anyway great day over all, about 20 finds.  We highly recommend this area for those that want to get out of the city for a day of caching.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Humpback Valley to Metchosin

Just Leafy and I woke up today just itching to go on an adventure. We briefly talked briefly about where we wanted to go and threw around ideas like Shawnigan Lake and Mill Bay.  But I felt like staying a bit closer to home so I suggested the Humpback Valley.  She was totally down with that, so we got ready and headed out.  With it in mind that we wanted to do fairly easy drive up and grabs, we kept looking at the at the GPS's maps and deciding what ones worked best for us.  Heck we even found time to play on a playground lol!

The whole trip took us from where we did our first find of the day all the way to  Metchosin.  We had a really great time out, and that is the real treasure in this fine sport called Geocaching.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Other Adventures

Through out all of this time leading up to 1000 finds so much has happened.  Many adventures were had by Just Leafy and I, as well as with our geo-friends!  Just a quick mention of those adventures.
  • All the events done with many of the local (and not so local) Victoria cachers.
  • Night time caches with thefuturespud, alyseluvsmike, Pracademics, and meleakett.
  • Fun day of Halloween caching for RACE10 with D-Tour.
  • New Years day caching around Westwood Lake Park with sahara_jeepers.
  • An awesome day of caching in Sooke with Paulboy, Cougar Kid and bigbluemarble.
  • A great day of caching Stewart Hill with alyseluvsmike and cacheandshoot.
Thanks to everyone who was a part of our grand adventure to 1000 geocache finds, and a very big thank you to everyone who have hidden all the caches we did along the way!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Series

Today was the day Just Leafy and I had decided to take a drive up to the Mill Bay area to do Soobax-mom's Seven Dwarfs Series.  To view our bookmark listing for this cache series CLICK HERE.

We arrived at the parking coordinates, and started the our trek.  This was a nice easy series to do as the majority of the caches are on a nice paved stretch off closed of road.  The last 3 or so for the dwarfs part were on a little more difficult ground, with a uphill part and lots rocks.  The only people this would effect are those with minor/major disabilities.
The final for this series totally got a favorite point from us, as we really enjoyed our little time out and about doing these caches.

We totally recommend these caches to anyone wanting to have a nice quiet walk with the family, caching friends, or that special someone!!!