Monday, 13 June 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Series

Today was the day Just Leafy and I had decided to take a drive up to the Mill Bay area to do Soobax-mom's Seven Dwarfs Series.  To view our bookmark listing for this cache series CLICK HERE.

We arrived at the parking coordinates, and started the our trek.  This was a nice easy series to do as the majority of the caches are on a nice paved stretch off closed of road.  The last 3 or so for the dwarfs part were on a little more difficult ground, with a uphill part and lots rocks.  The only people this would effect are those with minor/major disabilities.
The final for this series totally got a favorite point from us, as we really enjoyed our little time out and about doing these caches.

We totally recommend these caches to anyone wanting to have a nice quiet walk with the family, caching friends, or that special someone!!!

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