Saturday, 18 June 2011

Humpback Valley to Metchosin

Just Leafy and I woke up today just itching to go on an adventure. We briefly talked briefly about where we wanted to go and threw around ideas like Shawnigan Lake and Mill Bay.  But I felt like staying a bit closer to home so I suggested the Humpback Valley.  She was totally down with that, so we got ready and headed out.  With it in mind that we wanted to do fairly easy drive up and grabs, we kept looking at the at the GPS's maps and deciding what ones worked best for us.  Heck we even found time to play on a playground lol!

The whole trip took us from where we did our first find of the day all the way to  Metchosin.  We had a really great time out, and that is the real treasure in this fine sport called Geocaching.

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