Thursday, 22 December 2011

50 Straight Days of Caching

Back on November 03, 2011 Just Leafy and I started a statistical challenge of trying for 100 straight days of caching.
Today on December 22, 2011 we found "CRD History Series: V&S Railway - GC2QWBQ" by Kiwibirdman, which marks 50 straight days of caching completed.

Wow half way there now, and in the beginning it seemed to be such along way to go. We know we can make it now. Thanks for all the great caches out there folks, for without them this challenge would not be possible

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Milestone Christmas

When I logged my intent to attend the event I had no inkling of a thought as to what I was eventually to do.  It only came to me early last week when the thought of proposing to Just Leafy that it crossed my mind.  It was time, for we had just on November 21 celebrated 7 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend.  I have to give it to Just Leafy, she has staying power for sure.

When I had for sure made up my mind, that’s when the anxiety and panic attacks started.  Just Leafy noticed and was very concerned, but was also very shocked at how calm I was about them.  She knew when I was having them, but supposedly I showed great strength in trying to defeat them and wait them out.
So time went on the event got closer, and I purchased the ring on Friday afternoon.  I even arranged for my best friend who started caching recently to be there to witness.  With only two days left I bided my time as the intensity and duration of my anxiety/panic attacks increased.  Early in the morning of the day of the event (and my forthcoming proposal) at 2am I had the worst one yet.  It was so bad it cracked my strength and I had a bit of a cry, and of course Just Leafy was just beside herself and felt helpless to help me.

I kept asking myself why, why are you feeling like this?  I knew she would say yes, that’s why I had decided to do it publically in front of my geofriends and peers.  And that was the answer really; it was the openness of how I planned it, I know I can publicly speak, I just hate doing it.  But it was down to the wire now, only a few short hours to go. 
So we picked up A of alyseluvsmike and drove up to Shawnigan Lake for the event.

By the time we arrived at the event my hands were trembling so badly I could not even sign the logbook, so SoobaxM kindly did it for me.  I told her I had a milestone achievement I wanted to announce and award to someone.  And she said “Oh by all means”!!  But even though this event was our 1300th cache what I had planned was not a geoachievement, so I wanted to respect everyone who had an achievement to celebrate by letting them go first.  So as everyone announced theirs I waited patiently until I could be the very last one.  And when that time came, I found the strength to get up and do my speech and lowered myself to one knee, produced the ring and asked that all important question “Will you marry me??”!  And of course she said YES!!!

A very big congratulations to every cacher that had a milestone to celebrate, a huge congrats to Sheesh on her 5000th find, and thanks to SoobaxM and the Cache-Keteers for hosting the event.  As well thanks for all the well wishes to Just Leafy and I, we appreciated them all!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

TC Trail @ Shawnigan Lake

On December 03, 2011 Just Leafy and I decided it would be a great idea to get out of the city for the day and go on a geocaching adventure.  Remembering that there was a large section of the Trans Canada Trail in Shawnigan Lake that was untouched by us, we figured that would be a great  place to go.

We arrived a little time before noon and parked the Jeep, and slinging our bags to our backs we started out.  I have to say, it was clod that day.  The puddles and little rain pools that scattered the trail were frozen with a thin layer of ice, and the frost never cleared that day at all.  But it was beautiful winters day out, with the sky so blue and not a cloud in the sky! 

The first find was right where we parked, a little too close to the port-a-pottie for my liking.  And with that first one out of the way it was on to the next. 
Around the time we made our third find of the day we met some other cachers.  We would have joined forces with them, but they never offered.  But we did not mind as we really did want a nice day out together.

It was find, after find, after find, until we got all of them up to the ones we started with months and months ago.  In total, from the parking to the last cache we walked 5.11km;  And then with the return trip having a total distance traveled on foot of 10.22km.  We found 20 caches total, and really boosted our numbers!

Thanks to everyone who placed all these wonderful caches, you help provide us with an amazing day and adventure!!!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Kinsol Trestle with Alyseluvsmike

On November 26 we headed out to clean up some caches off our list in the Kinsol Trestle area with alyseluvsmike.  Unfortunately for us the rain was just pouring down on this day, but with intrepid hearts we still went out and nabbed 6 caches in total.  Sadly we got no pictures this day, as the camera is not waterproof and I would not risk water damaging it. 
I admit it was not a very impressive numbers day, but we were happy with it (and even happier to get dry and warm again).  And as usual with alyseluvsmike getting dry again means a trip to a nice warm cozy pub over great hot comfort food.  Thanks for a great day alyseluvsmike, we always enjoy it!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

100 Days of Caching

Today we announce that we The GO! Team intend to go for a statistic challenge.  This challenge is to complete a running streak of 100 day of geocaching.  We intend to do this by finding at least one cache per day for each of the 100 days intended.  We feel this is a very easy goal to meet, and will be very easy on both of our already very busy work schedules.  So cheer us on as we work towards this statistical goal!

Monday, 31 October 2011

AnnieMaroo's "Halloween Fun" Event

Wow what a busy month of events.  But finally Halloween is here and one last event was on the list. 
AnnieMaroo was holding one of her great Halloween event again this year, and this time it was out in the field.  When Just Leafy and I arrived we started the trek down the long driveway alight with pumpkins.  And once we got within sight of the party we were greeted by a blazing bonfire and the boom of fireworks. 

As usual it was great to see everyone there.  And a big thanks to AnnieMaroo for giving us cachers a fun safe place to hang out on Halloween!!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paulboy's "The Day Before Halloween Event"

We headed up to Ladysmith on October 30th, 2011 for the "Day Before Halloween Event" being held by my geobuddy Paulboy.  I have to say this man's events are starting to become known as legendary. 

It was a fantastic event with training caches for new cachers, tons of food and snacks, and prizes prizes prizes galore.  I even won a new mug from Subway, cheesy but I love it!!
Was really nice to see so many new cachers there, especially the ones that came and started caching for the very first time ever.  Was also a treat to see the familiar faces as well, and to catch up with those that attended the Geomonster Ball last weekend. 

Big thanks to Paulboy and his team of volunteers for the great day!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Geomonster Ball

Well the Geomonster Ball has been and gone, but what a fantastic time it was.  When we first learned of the event back in July or so from the Cache-Keteers when we ran into them on the ferries, we felt this was something we wanted to be apart of.  It took me a month to register for the event, but once it was done Just Leafy was ecstatic. 

The event itself was split into three parts for the day.  The first part was a meet-n-greet at Bender Fields in Lynden Washington, 6-7hrs of caching in the area (over 100 new caches were published for the event), and an evening costume event at the Lynden Museum.

Finally the day to leave arrived (October 21st) and we caught the ferries (meeting up with The Cache-Keteers - Porchlizard, Soobax-mom, Sheesh and Diraduck) and sailed to the Mainland.  Once over, we met up and grabbed a few caches really quick in the general area.  But Just Leafy and I had to move on to meet up with my Aunt and Grandma in Langley for lunch before crossing the border.  I was very glad to have made this stop over, because I don't get to see my family over here too often.  But too quickly the time came to cross the border and get to the hotel so we could rest up for the night before the big day.  And so away we went.

Our spirits were starting to get a bit crushed though, as every cacher always hopes to have nice or decent weather when they head out.  But all day and all night it just poured rain.  And when I woke up in the morning of October 22nd and looked out the window, I sighed and just knew this was going to be a super wet day.

We headed to the meet-n-greet and signed in to the event, and dashed for the cover of the nearby building where the event was in full swing.  Cachers from all over were huddled in there talking and looking at each others trackables, all the while staying warm by nursing cups of coffee or coco.  
All seemed reluctant to head out into the downpour.  But to our amazement suddenly the sky cleared up, and that changed the mood instantly.  We all rushed out to the cars and started caching right away.  And the weather held like that from 10:30am to about 3:00pm.  And while we were out with The Cache-Keteers and few others got a 40 cache day done.  This marking the highest number of caches we have gotten in one day.

 But once we all started to get soaking wet at the end of the day, Just Leafy and I decided to head back to the hotel to warm up and get ready for the evening portion of the event. 

We arrived at the museum  and felt like we were transported back in time.  This is one very cool place.  There were some many cachers here too, all dressed in their awesome costumes.  There was even one couple dressed up as a cache and log sheet, and another couple dressed as the icons for Virtual and Mystery caches.  We met so many great people, and got to see some old friends too.  And we also completed the scavenger hunt for pieces of  the coordinates for a bonus cache.  But sadly the event came to an end too soon, and it was time to head back once more to the Hotel.

A really big thanks to Half-Canadian and her awesome team of volunteers.  The event was a super success!
And congrats on it making it to Mega status too!!!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Thanksgiving and a Krytikal day in Duncan.

On October 10th, 2011 it was Thanksgiving.  And on this particular Thanksgiving Just Leafy, her brother and myself went up to Nanaimo to have dinner with their parents.  Of course being such a geonut as I am, I convinced Leafy that we should at least grab one cache while in town.  She didn't put up a fuss, so when we went to the Save on Foods at Terminal Park Mall we went out and made a very quick find of "GC207Q1 - Terminal Park Nano by Mr. Wilson & a Mt. Goat"  in the torrential down pour.  We had a fantastic feast, and with full bellies decided to try just one more cache.  Sadly that one was a DNF for us, but really we didn't mind.

As the night came and went, and October 11th arrived, we got ready in the morning and headed to Duncan to visit with my best friend and his wife.  He had just recently got into geocaching and had the geoname of Krytikal, and we decided to do a few on the path that runs behind his home.
He was a natural at this really, as he made several of the finds throughout our walk.
Even though it was raining the whole day, it was one of those famous BC light sprinkle rains with sunshine.

I we did six in total, and got to see some very neat little places at each of the hides.  We even made a new little friend with a tree frog at the last cache of the day, Leafy named him Kermit lol.
Nothing beats getting out with the one you love and your best friend and having a great time finding Tupperware in the woods!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The GO! Team and Paulboy Terrorize Sidney and Lands End.

On October 1st, 2011 we The GO! Team and Paulboy of Ladysmith teamed up for a fun (chilly) afternoon geocaching in Lands End and Sidney area.
While the numbers were low for Just Leafy and I on this particular day/afternoon, Paulboy's numbers were much higher since he had been at it since early that morning (I had an appointment that prevented our participation until the afternoon).

Since Leafy had just finished a 12hr 7pm to 7am night shift at the hospital, she was just exhausted.  We felt super bad dragging the poor girl around.  But she really tried to give it her all.  But eventually hunger struck her bad, so we headed into Sidney so she could get some Subway.  While there we recognized Pol Plastino the radio personality from The Zone 91.3.  He is such an awesome guy, and he knew what geocaching was and wanted to learn more.  He even asked if I had a blog that I did about it, and well would know... I did.  So he asked for the web address which of course I gave to him (not right away, emailed it to him after I got the blog with him in it written).  Pol even gave me his Zone pin that he was wearing to put in a cache, which I did drop in "GC2EG93 - Marina Multi by Hither&Yon".  So all you Zoners out there that are Pol Plastino fans, if you want a zone pin that he wore that's where you will find it.

After that we did just a few more caches, and called it a day.  

Anyway we had a great time as usual.  You just can't not have a great day with Paulboy in the picture, every moment is too funny to not be enjoyed.

Big thanks to Pol Plastino for the Zone pin, and for excepting us for a fun conversation.

Spiders and Bats and Geomonster Ball... Oh my!!

Hey everyone.  Wow it's October already!  The leaves are beginning to turn and fall, the air is getting a bit cooler, and autumn rain is starting to interfere with caching plans.  But did you also know the Geomonster Ball is around the corner too!!  That's right, this event in Lynden Washington is happening in less than one month.  Be sure to register your attendance at both the Event Listing and at the Geomonster Ball Official Web Page .

We hope to see you all there.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Island Spirit Mega Event

Wow the Island Spirit Mega Event is sure coming together at an amazing speed.  Volunteers are in place, website is coming together, forums for volunteers and attendees is coming along, and a registration spot for an e-newsletter too.  Landsharkz and the team have most certainly been very busy.

While many of you that are subscribed to this blog, or may visit this blog are from the Vancouver Island area;  I feel I must place an advertising banner here for the people that may stumble upon this blog by accident or are directed here by word of mouth.  To visit the Island Spirit website CLICK HERE.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

More to come soon

WOW, so much to write about and getting a bit over whelmed.  Will be writing about our Alberta trip soon and all its caching adventures.  But first I feel I need to do some back logging and tell about the trips and cache outings that occurred in the months before we hit 1000 cache finds.  So be sure to check the previous months for new entries to learn all about our fun adventures in geocaching.


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Monday, 5 September 2011

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods to my Cousins Wedding We Go (and Back Again)!

Ok so I am a little late in writing this blog about our trip to Alberta to witness the joining of my cousin in holy matrimony.  But I figure it would be best to date this one for the day that we actually returned to the island.

The adventure began in August, two days after the big International Geocaching Day Block Party in Seattle Washington.  This was an event I truly wished I could have been at, but it was impossible as all funds were tied up in traveling East rather than South.  But luckily there was a garden party held at AnnieMaroo's place that day that we were able to attend.

Anyway we began our journey by staying the night in Aldergrove at the home of my Mother's Sister.  It was nice to visit with them before heading out as I don't see them nearly enough for being so relatively  close to home.  The cost to cross on the Ferries these days is ridiculous so I tend not to cross often.

The next day we began our adventure East to Alberta, and to the first cache I had on my GPS.  This was a planned stop at the large travel information center and rest stop just outside Merritt.  Close at hand was my first cache en route and we made the short walk to the cache and found it very quickly.  Now I know I did not mention that we were traveling with my Parents, so to eliminate any possible confusion I think it is best  to mention it now.
So too soon after making the find I got a text from them telling me that they were ready to go, so we quickly signed the log and rushed back to the car.

We next made a stop in Kamloops for lunch, and since we were at a mall anyway Just Leafy decided to quickly shop for a dress to wear at the wedding.  So while my mother and Leafy shopped, Dad and I wandered aimlessly around the shops.  I didn't have any Kamloops caches in my GPS because I did not think that we were stopping there, but curiosity got the best of me and I pulled out my iPhone and launched the Official Geocaching App and saw that there was one directly across the street at yet again another Tourist Information Center.  So I waited Leafy out to finish shopping, and then we quickly ran across the road for this unplanned cache.  And so the next leg of the journey began, with the direct no stop run to Revelstoke.

Revelstoke was a place we had planned to get eight~ten caches in, and the area seems to have a few good ones that were perfectly situated to get with little effort.  But our caching plans here went foul real fast, as this town has a major mosquito problem.  We went to our first one here in the shade of two fir trees, and that's when we were attacked by squadrons of them.
Poor Leafy had in just a short two min a total count of twelve bites on her neck, face, arms, legs, back and the little bit of her tummy that was showing.  As I stayed and signed the log, Leafy was running for the car.  Since my plans for the majority of the caches were near water (mosquito hunting grounds), I had to scrap them and do only one more.  The only cache that I had that was on higher ground was near their very cool  Railway Museum.  So for Revelstoke the count was only two.
And since this is where we were to call home for the night, checked in to the hotel and passed into the realm of sleep and into nightmares of giant mosquitoes chasing me.

The next day we drove to Lake Louise, the next planned stop for everyone.  And logically I had two caches planned for here.  One was a nice easy Virtual Cache and the other a simple Traditional Cache.  The greatest part of this was that Leafy had never been to Lake Louise before.  So I covered her eyes and walked her to the lake edge, and uncovered them when in position.
Sadly the silly girl covered my hands with hers and pressed hard.  Well if you have ever done that to your own eyes (and we all know we have), you will remember the weird effect of blackness and colour spots flowing around followed by several minuets of blurriness.  Well that is what happened to poor Leafy, and the effect of surprising her with Lake Louise's beauty was slightly spoiled until her eyes refocused.
Once the eye thing was rectified, we took pics, gathered the info for the virtual, and made the 5 min walk to the traditional that we found very quickly.  And after a quick coffee and washroom break, we were on our way yet again.

Now this was the longest part of our trip, a direct drive from Lake Louise to Lacombe Alberta with the exception of a quick fuel up stop in Olds.  Again curiosity got the better of me (since I did not have anything for Olds in the GPS either), and sure enough there was a cache only 400 meters away.  So quickly while Dad fueled the car we ran down and grabbed this one too.  Mom and Dad drove over to us and we jumped in and off we went.
It was about another 30 min to my Aunt's (my Dad's Sister) house near Gull Lake in Lacombe, and what a wonderful reunion it was.  I had not seen these members of my family in nearly 9 years, and it is always a treat.  The wedding came and went, and it was a fantastic time.

Now let us talk about caching in Lacombe.  There was a surprisingly large amount of geocaches in the city (yes it is a city, as it had revived that title and distinction only just recently).  For a place that is covered in snow for a good portion of the year, the caches there were either well maintained or just well made.  I figured from all the water that tends to come with snow melt we would have been dealing with soggy, mildew ridden logs.  But the logs were generally in great shape, and so too were the content of the caches.  So a big tip of the hat to the cache owners of Lacombe.

The day we went to West Edmonton Mall was a planned day, and of the ten I wanted to get there I only got one.  This was mostly due to the poor weather that day, rainy and cold.  But the time we spent at the waterslides made up for the lack of Edmonton caches.  We had a great time, and lost track of 4 hours very quickly.  One of the things I love the most about West Edmonton Mall is how there is full sized restaurants  in there, and being able to hit up Boston Pizza for dinner was just great.  And once we did a little (I know it's early) Christmas shopping, we dove back to Lacombe.

The next few days were very restful, as the temperature dropped considerably making the pesky mosquitoes go away.  And because my Aunt and Uncle's place is in the middle of nowhere, sitting and doing nothing is something one from the city can really enjoy if one just allows ones self to slow down.  And slow down we did, sitting on the patio sipping on ice cold brewskies and eating peanuts.
Just Leafy (who loves animals) just loved being there because of all the animals she got to see.  My Uncle owns two Horses, and they have a barn Cat, there is a near by Buffalo farm, Squirrels and Jack Rabbits visiting the yard, and the Coyotes yipping and howling at night.  All so natural and beautiful, it's just amazing.

But sadly the time to depart came, and we said our goodbyes and began the trek home.  This trip was exactly the same as the trip coming in reverse, except no stops in Lake Louise.  So the caching was kept to a minimum.  We did grab one in Golden quickly by a nice pedestrian bridge spanning the river.  And when we reached Revelstoke we chose not to brave the nasty little blood suckers again.  Picked up one or two while in Salmon Arm, and paid a visit to the one I did in Kamloops along the way to drop off a travel bug and to pick up a different one to bring back home with me. But got no more until we got back to my Mom's sister's place in Aldergrove again.

Once back we celebrated my Aunt's Birthday and the next day headed across the border to shop at Seattle's Premium Outlet Mall.  There we got just one more and final cache on the trip, scoring the Washing State souvenir on  And with one more night spent at my Aunt's we went finally ended up back home.

So that is the story of our holiday to Alberta, and of the caching we did along the way.  Whew.. what a lot of typing that was.  We hope you enjoy reading about this trip as much as we enjoyed being on it.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tech Support and Tupperware in the Woods

So recently my father decided to step up from his blackberry cell phone to and iPhone.  This was great, because this meant that he was getting further and further away from his ignorance of new technology, the only down side is the required familial tech support from me.  The only reason that this is a down side is that back in late April they moved to Comox, and now to do hands on tech work I have to drive 2.5 hrs.  But it seems that even down sides can have silver linings, because  there are geocaches in Comox and we like to geocache.

Anyway we arrived at my parents on Monday August 1st , and after a nice lunch I went to work on getting dad all set up with iTunes and get his first sync and back up done.  And then went on to more complicated uses and fun things to do on a iPhone.  I think I did pretty good since he is getting the hang of it, and that he discovered what I would call a bit of advanced usage on his own (congratulations Dad)!  And now with the tech support out of the way it was time to get caching!!!

Being here gave us a great chance to pass out some of our signature items into mid-island caches.  So we brought 9 up here with us.  And so we got started.  My Dad knows that when geocaching you discover wonderful and new places, and since they are still so new to the community he decided that it would be good to come out too.  The first three we got were actually in Courtenay, and were unfortunately micros (Courtenay has a very large amount of micros from what I can tell).  So with them being micros, leaving a signature item was not possible.  But too quickly the time passes and soon it was dinner time, so back to Comox we went.  After a hearty steak dinner we headed out and grabbed a few more caches leaving signature items where we could.  And at the last cache for that day we witnessed a nice sunset, but unfortunately the photo I took really did not do it justice.  And then it was time to turn in for the night.

Tuesday August 2nd arrived and guess what!!??  It's our Geo-anniversary!  And what better way to celebrate 1 year of caching with well.... more geocaching.  So away we went, and did a few more and placing more signature items.  Got to see more of this beautiful place and walked some very nice trails.
Sadly our energy was low, and we ran out of steam by 1pm.
So in the end we got a few finds while here, but also ended up with a few DNFs.  

Great place to cache, and will be back soon to find more.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Iona Beach Jetty at Iona Beach Regional Park

I had it planned with my friend from work that I would drive him to the ferries for the 9pm sailing to the mainland on July 17, 2011.  During the day that day Just Leafy and I went out for breakfast at Ricky's at Admirals Walk, and we discussed whether we would like to go over too to do some geocaching.  We came to the conclusion that a little spontaneous behavior never hurt anyone, and made it happen.

Technically our first cache of the trip was at the Ferry Terminal and was "Exteme Muggle Zone-Ferry Good - GCVCTA" which had a few DNFs as of late, and we had to prove it was still there.  We did find it, and posted a set of coordinates that should help other cachers make the find before it gets moved again.

Staying the night in Delta at my friends parents place, we awoke and had breakfast with everyone and headed to a place of easy fun caches that proves to be a good full day.  This was Iona Beach Regional Park, and the series that is here called "Salish Sea 1 - 16" were recommended by our geofriends Stellalabella. 
This series of caches is located in Iona Beach Regional Park and will take you out along the Iona Jetty (map) which juts out nearly 4 km into the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia). You may walk or cycle on graveled trails either atop or beside the large waste water pipe that extends the full length of the Jetty.  And as I said before it is a full day of walking!

Walking the full expanse of the jetty doing all 16 in the series and the two others at the very end was an amazingly fun day.  If you do the series make sure to get all the clues from the containers and logbooks, so you can piece together the clues to make the coordinates to the final.  Unfortunately we did not get to the final this day because by the time we walked the 4km back to the car my feet were on fire, and we still had to get to IKEA and spend a few hours there wandering around.  This was not all we had to skip as there is a whole other section of the Regional Park with caches on it too,  and this was the 4km strip of Iona Beach.  So this means we will be back again to finish this off in entirety someday soon.

On the way home on the ferry we ran into Porchlizard, Soobax-mom and Sheesh695 returning home from the Geocaching Mega Event in Three Hills Alberta.  We got to hear about it all, and saw the pictures and it sounded like we missed out on a fantastic event!  But at least we got our own adventure in too! 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The GO! Team Signature Item

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a little news with you all to maybe get your fun engines running a little. 
We understand that some of you like to collect signature items created by cachers.  So we had some made.  We would like to announce that over the next little while we will be placing (in caches large enough to contain them) our Limited Edition The GO! Team Signature Fridge Magnets

There is only 50 of these in existence and each magnet in the series is numbered on the back, so you will know which one you have.  So who will have the prestige of finding/having number 01, with time we will see!  Remember folks these are to keep, so if you pick one up don't just drop it in another cache!

They look like this:


It contains our caching names, team name, caching contact info, URL (incase any of you have forgotten it LOL), and sports a handsome picture of what we feel really defines geocaching (the great outdoors)! 

Looking forward to seeing in your logs who picked these guys up! 


ShadowcasterCDN of The GO! Team

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wet n' Wild

Today Just Leafy and I headed out to try and grab "Plantman_Geocache#10 - GC7C1A".
We had been studying the tide charts and the tide was going to be below 1m today, so we thought this was the day. Now the free tide charts are just an approximation of the actual, and this was surely the case today. 

As we started to wade out we could tell very quickly that the water would be up to our necks or more. And though the Oregon550 claims to be ipx7 waterproof, I don't trust that statement. So we turned around. I wonder if we will ever get to these little island caches.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To New Heights, New Lows and a few Wet Feet!

Today Just Leafy and I headed out to Albert Head Lagoon  to try and get two caches that we have previously failed at or had not attempted.   Those were "Two Lagoons - GC1B04F", "Tree Sturgeon - GC2DHE7".  The first of the two mentioned "Two Lagoons" is where we got our wet feet.  Even though the tide was low, it was just not low enough to cross even where the water fans out without sinking a bit and getting all wet.  We found the cache nice and dry, and tried to cover it a bit better since it was a little exposed when we arrived.  With that out of the way we moved on to the nearly 1km walk to "Tree Sturgeon"!

Here Just Leafy wanted to go up and get it, since you literally have to go out on a limb to get it.  With encouraging words I stayed below guided her along with positive reinforcement.  And very shortly we had the funny little container in hand.

After the hike back to the car we drove off to grab our final one of the day "You can't get there from here - GCF220" at an undisclosed location (you have to figure it out, no spoiler here)!  This is where we went to new lows since the cache pages clue tells you that you must think like a troll!

All in all, a great morning out with each other!
And another adventure in the bag.