Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tech Support and Tupperware in the Woods

So recently my father decided to step up from his blackberry cell phone to and iPhone.  This was great, because this meant that he was getting further and further away from his ignorance of new technology, the only down side is the required familial tech support from me.  The only reason that this is a down side is that back in late April they moved to Comox, and now to do hands on tech work I have to drive 2.5 hrs.  But it seems that even down sides can have silver linings, because  there are geocaches in Comox and we like to geocache.

Anyway we arrived at my parents on Monday August 1st , and after a nice lunch I went to work on getting dad all set up with iTunes and get his first sync and back up done.  And then went on to more complicated uses and fun things to do on a iPhone.  I think I did pretty good since he is getting the hang of it, and that he discovered what I would call a bit of advanced usage on his own (congratulations Dad)!  And now with the tech support out of the way it was time to get caching!!!

Being here gave us a great chance to pass out some of our signature items into mid-island caches.  So we brought 9 up here with us.  And so we got started.  My Dad knows that when geocaching you discover wonderful and new places, and since they are still so new to the community he decided that it would be good to come out too.  The first three we got were actually in Courtenay, and were unfortunately micros (Courtenay has a very large amount of micros from what I can tell).  So with them being micros, leaving a signature item was not possible.  But too quickly the time passes and soon it was dinner time, so back to Comox we went.  After a hearty steak dinner we headed out and grabbed a few more caches leaving signature items where we could.  And at the last cache for that day we witnessed a nice sunset, but unfortunately the photo I took really did not do it justice.  And then it was time to turn in for the night.

Tuesday August 2nd arrived and guess what!!??  It's our Geo-anniversary!  And what better way to celebrate 1 year of caching with well.... more geocaching.  So away we went, and did a few more and placing more signature items.  Got to see more of this beautiful place and walked some very nice trails.
Sadly our energy was low, and we ran out of steam by 1pm.
So in the end we got a few finds while here, but also ended up with a few DNFs.  

Great place to cache, and will be back soon to find more.

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