Saturday, 1 October 2011

The GO! Team and Paulboy Terrorize Sidney and Lands End.

On October 1st, 2011 we The GO! Team and Paulboy of Ladysmith teamed up for a fun (chilly) afternoon geocaching in Lands End and Sidney area.
While the numbers were low for Just Leafy and I on this particular day/afternoon, Paulboy's numbers were much higher since he had been at it since early that morning (I had an appointment that prevented our participation until the afternoon).

Since Leafy had just finished a 12hr 7pm to 7am night shift at the hospital, she was just exhausted.  We felt super bad dragging the poor girl around.  But she really tried to give it her all.  But eventually hunger struck her bad, so we headed into Sidney so she could get some Subway.  While there we recognized Pol Plastino the radio personality from The Zone 91.3.  He is such an awesome guy, and he knew what geocaching was and wanted to learn more.  He even asked if I had a blog that I did about it, and well would know... I did.  So he asked for the web address which of course I gave to him (not right away, emailed it to him after I got the blog with him in it written).  Pol even gave me his Zone pin that he was wearing to put in a cache, which I did drop in "GC2EG93 - Marina Multi by Hither&Yon".  So all you Zoners out there that are Pol Plastino fans, if you want a zone pin that he wore that's where you will find it.

After that we did just a few more caches, and called it a day.  

Anyway we had a great time as usual.  You just can't not have a great day with Paulboy in the picture, every moment is too funny to not be enjoyed.

Big thanks to Pol Plastino for the Zone pin, and for excepting us for a fun conversation.

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