Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Geomonster Ball

Well the Geomonster Ball has been and gone, but what a fantastic time it was.  When we first learned of the event back in July or so from the Cache-Keteers when we ran into them on the ferries, we felt this was something we wanted to be apart of.  It took me a month to register for the event, but once it was done Just Leafy was ecstatic. 

The event itself was split into three parts for the day.  The first part was a meet-n-greet at Bender Fields in Lynden Washington, 6-7hrs of caching in the area (over 100 new caches were published for the event), and an evening costume event at the Lynden Museum.

Finally the day to leave arrived (October 21st) and we caught the ferries (meeting up with The Cache-Keteers - Porchlizard, Soobax-mom, Sheesh and Diraduck) and sailed to the Mainland.  Once over, we met up and grabbed a few caches really quick in the general area.  But Just Leafy and I had to move on to meet up with my Aunt and Grandma in Langley for lunch before crossing the border.  I was very glad to have made this stop over, because I don't get to see my family over here too often.  But too quickly the time came to cross the border and get to the hotel so we could rest up for the night before the big day.  And so away we went.

Our spirits were starting to get a bit crushed though, as every cacher always hopes to have nice or decent weather when they head out.  But all day and all night it just poured rain.  And when I woke up in the morning of October 22nd and looked out the window, I sighed and just knew this was going to be a super wet day.

We headed to the meet-n-greet and signed in to the event, and dashed for the cover of the nearby building where the event was in full swing.  Cachers from all over were huddled in there talking and looking at each others trackables, all the while staying warm by nursing cups of coffee or coco.  
All seemed reluctant to head out into the downpour.  But to our amazement suddenly the sky cleared up, and that changed the mood instantly.  We all rushed out to the cars and started caching right away.  And the weather held like that from 10:30am to about 3:00pm.  And while we were out with The Cache-Keteers and few others got a 40 cache day done.  This marking the highest number of caches we have gotten in one day.

 But once we all started to get soaking wet at the end of the day, Just Leafy and I decided to head back to the hotel to warm up and get ready for the evening portion of the event. 

We arrived at the museum  and felt like we were transported back in time.  This is one very cool place.  There were some many cachers here too, all dressed in their awesome costumes.  There was even one couple dressed up as a cache and log sheet, and another couple dressed as the icons for Virtual and Mystery caches.  We met so many great people, and got to see some old friends too.  And we also completed the scavenger hunt for pieces of  the coordinates for a bonus cache.  But sadly the event came to an end too soon, and it was time to head back once more to the Hotel.

A really big thanks to Half-Canadian and her awesome team of volunteers.  The event was a super success!
And congrats on it making it to Mega status too!!!!

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