Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To New Heights, New Lows and a few Wet Feet!

Today Just Leafy and I headed out to Albert Head Lagoon  to try and get two caches that we have previously failed at or had not attempted.   Those were "Two Lagoons - GC1B04F", "Tree Sturgeon - GC2DHE7".  The first of the two mentioned "Two Lagoons" is where we got our wet feet.  Even though the tide was low, it was just not low enough to cross even where the water fans out without sinking a bit and getting all wet.  We found the cache nice and dry, and tried to cover it a bit better since it was a little exposed when we arrived.  With that out of the way we moved on to the nearly 1km walk to "Tree Sturgeon"!

Here Just Leafy wanted to go up and get it, since you literally have to go out on a limb to get it.  With encouraging words I stayed below guided her along with positive reinforcement.  And very shortly we had the funny little container in hand.

After the hike back to the car we drove off to grab our final one of the day "You can't get there from here - GCF220" at an undisclosed location (you have to figure it out, no spoiler here)!  This is where we went to new lows since the cache pages clue tells you that you must think like a troll!

All in all, a great morning out with each other!
And another adventure in the bag.

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