Saturday, 25 June 2011

Newcastle Island

On Saturday June 25th, 2011 a fairly large group of cachers under the leadership of Ladysmith cacher Paulboy were heading out to find all of the geocaches on Newcastle Island in Nanaimo.  Myself and cacheandshoot from here in Victoria drove up early in the morning to meet up with Paulboy, Princess!, Bigbluemarble, Cougar Kid and o know.  

We all loaded up onto the boat that takes you over, and very shortly our adventure began.  We started off with a fun little multi-stage cache that we all enjoyed alot, and then onto the traditionals, a earth cache, more traditionals, and followed up with a fun mystery cache.  
We had a really great time, and lots and lots of laughs which is expected when you are out with a large number of cachers for the day (especially with Paulboy)!!  All in all we completed 17 caches (all of them), and according to cacheandshoots GPS we did about 15km on foot around the island looking for all the caches.  It was a fantastic and memorable day!

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