Saturday, 12 January 2013

Strollin on the Next New Year 2013

2012 was a very eventful year for us The GO! Team.  I would go into everything as a recap, but why should I...  So much to say, yet pretty much all of it is covered right here on this blog!  Just read on down the blog list of 2012 to see all the fun events and adventures that we participated in!

But now lets talk about Lumbo-Tire's famous (or infamous) New Years event, aptly dubbed with his notable "Stollin on" title "GC42RCY - Strollin on the Next New Year".  
Lumbo always holds this event at his mess at the Lt. General Ashton Armory, which is great for a large group of people like us.  I actually think this particular event had more in attendance compared to last year.  We had a photo session down on the parade square, and sadly we didn't end up with any usable pictures.  But check out the video of the attendees we got at the bottom of this blog post!

Lumbo-Tire goes all out, with a no-host bar, to pot luck style food (provided by the attendees), to fun parlor games and fun for the kids. It is always a blast and everyone has a good time.

And lets not forget the trackable bonanza!  People who love to move or log trackables are never at a loss here.  It was a blast for me to show newer cachers my trackable tattoo, and get the gasps of shock...  It really gives me a good laugh to hear them say "Now that takes dedication"!  

As the night came to an end Lumbo announced that a particular cache nearby (one I had found before) was getting archived.  This cache "GC3GCN6 - The MiB go to Washington" usually gives people a hard time, causing people to search for over an hour leading them to give up!  So I took the time to lead 2 groups of people to assist in the find!  On this particular icy and cold night the people I took were very grateful, as it cut down the search time and meant less time in the cold.

After all that, Just Leafy and I stayed at the mess talking with Lumbo-Tire, sdkonkle and his family, and A-Team to almost midnight.

What a great night!  Thanks again to Lumbo-Tire for his hard work setting up yet another fantastically fun New Year event!
And a thanks to all that came!  I wish I could have spent more time talking with all of you, and let's strive to get in some conversations at future events.  Oh and by the way......

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

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