Saturday, 20 April 2013

2013 Earthday CITO Weekend - Fort Rodd Hill

The weekend of April 20th~22nd 2013 was the Annual Earthday CITO (Cache In Trash Out) Weekend.
The folks here in the Greater Victoria Area had a couple of events planned for the 20th & 21st this particular weekend, but we The GO! Team could only attend one.  And that one was GC498W6 - Earth Day Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration CITO hosted by Landsharkz and site sponsored Parks Canada.

Sadly I Shadowcaster was unable to attend due to being on the mainland that weekend, but my better half Just Leafy did.  So lets all give her a warm round of applause as she writes her words about the event for your reading pleasure.  So take it away Just Leafy......

"Just Leafy of The GO! Team here...
Unfortunately Shadowcaster couldn't attend this event with me but going solo for a change wasn't too bad after all since there are always other cachers to visit with!
The weather was on our side that morning!

I learned some new things while planting in the Fort Rodd Hill gardens and grassy areas and loved that we were making a positive difference and a greener planet!
It will be nice to return later in the Spring or even this summer to see the growth of the things we've planted!

Thanks to Landsharkz and my fellow cachers for an enjoyable day of making a better greener earth!"

Thank you Just Leafy for your story!  And thank you to everyone who participated in CITO events world wide this weekend, you all helped make this planet we call home a bit more greener and alot more beautiful!

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