Monday, 17 February 2014

The GO! Team goes Mexican Part 1

Hi every one, once again I am behind on writing about our geocaching adventures.  But back in February we embarked on an adventure that neither of us would ever forget.
After our wedding in July we received an invitation to witness one of my good friends from high school get married to his long time sweetie, and this was to take place in Los Cabos Mexico.
Well how could we say no to that?  Not only would this allow us to go somewhere both of us have always wanted to go to, but also would allow for me to add another country to the list of places I have cached in.

Like any avid cacher I instantly jumped on the computer, logged into, and started a search of the area we would be staying in.
I was a little disappointed at one point, as my search resulted in very little caches in the area.  But my disappointment dissolved when I reminded myself of the fact I really wasn't there to cache, but to witness my friends getting married.  So I created a PQ (Pocket Query) of what I thought I could do and went with that.

The months passed leading to when we would be going, and then I had an epiphany!!  Why not host an event!  With a little more than a month left before leaving I drafted up a listing for an event to take place outside my resort.  And shortly it was listed the "Will Attend" logs started to roll in (not many, but enough).

Soon the day arrived (February 11th), and those of us going out of Victoria all met up at the airport and started the long day of traveling.   It was neat for me to travel with these people, as they were good old friends that I had never traveled with before.  I was especially pleased to see that we traveled well together, since in the past I have learned you can be good friends with someone and not be travel compatible at the same time.

We all left from Victoria with a brief stop in Vancouver, and boarded our plane that would take us directly to Los Cabos.

While in Vancouver
we stocked up on some mini bottles of alcohol to get us in the mood for the gong show that would ensue once we arrived.  And in a short while we were on our 5hr flight south to warm weather, endless drinks, and fun in the sun... Not to forget geocaching!

The flight down was really nothing to write about, just us on the plane all seated together laughing and telling stories to catch up since some of us haven't see each other since our wedding in July!  But it made the time go by, and soon we arrived in San Jose del Cabo. We got through Mexican Customs nice and easy, and made our way to the WestJet Vactions bus that would take us to our hotel.  A short ride later we pulled into the driveway of our Resort, and there was our friend and groom waiting for us at the Resort doors.  We all quickly checked in, got our wristbands and grabbed our first drinks and headed to our rooms to settle in and freshen up before meeting the rest of the wedding crew downstairs.

Needless to say, the whole group of us really partied it up that first night and didn't turn in for the night until 3am. Well if this was to be a sign of what the rest of the trip would be like, I knew it had to be a total blast.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this amazing wedding/geocaching trip to Mexico!

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