Thursday, 10 July 2014

7 New Souvenirs in August

Well I can't believe it has almost been a year since announced that they were launching the "31 Days of Caching" Campaign.  Last August (the month that International Geocaching Day is held) challenged us to cache every day in August, and we the cachers of the world received a digital souvenir on our profile page for each day we found a cache or attended an event.  This was received with mixed reviews from the caching community.  Many loved it, while many absolutely hated it.  The forums over at were filled with comments of praise, opposition, and some with helpful suggestions. 

We The GO! Team did all 31 days last August, and quite frankly we loved every moment of it.  When planning out our 31 days we decided that it would be best to focus on a cache type that we had neglected; so it was decided that we would do a Multi-stage cache on each day, or to attend an event if one was available. To learn a little more on the types of caches out there click HERE.  Also to help people out and to give them a boost and to help them keep a physical cache open for another day, we hosted an event every Saturday that month.  It was a blast getting out there and find streaking for 31 days.

Well this year it seems has come up with something new!  And while we loved doing their challenge last year we, we are glad that it is something different this time around.
This year has announced 7 new souvenirs only, 6 to collect and one special final 7th that unlocks when you do collect the 6.
I think this may be received better by the caching community at large.  Why??  Well because it seems that they listened to the cachers on the forums.  One of the most common complaint I saw was that the 31 days flooded their souvenir section of their profiles with unwanted digital clutter.  And with that complaint I saw many suggest less souvenirs with a reward for completion.  So in my opinion, this is a resolution to the problem that was presented last year.

Sadly like in any digital forum there will still be haters, and like the saying goes "Haters gonna hate"!  So I am sure if I was to jump over to the forums right now, I would find many people complaining yet again about's new idea.  So with that said, I think I will avoid looking and just enjoy the challenge presented to us from the company that brings adventure and excitement into our lives.

To read about's new challenge head over to their blog "Latitude 47" by clicking HERE.

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