Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Long Road

As many of you may have noticed, recently we added a widget to the blog page that shows our cache find statistics on  We also noted in a recent blog that we added this feature when we announced the launch of our new Facebook page.  You can read this story HERE.

So looking at it now you will notice we are finally getting close to 5000 geocaching finds.  A very long road that some reach very quickly, others moderately, and many more at a very leisurely pace.  While getting there in 4 years is decently quick, we have had help.
Finding the many caches on Vancouver Island accounts for nearly 3000 of those finds, but we couldn't have got here on Island caches alone.  We have cached through British Columbia, Alberta, Washington State, California, and Mexico.
We even cached in Nevada on the Las Vegas Strip and the famous E.T. Highway; which accounted to many of our finds, and lead to us being attacked by some former local cachers who believed that the process of doing the Highway is cheating.  This actually lead to a bout of  anxiety about sharing our stories, and almost lead to me shutting this blog down.  But thanks to the support of some awesome cacher and non-cacher friends I kept with the blog and sharing my stories.  But sadly I still feel like everything I am doing is being scrutinised in some way; it sucks to be damaged by it, but I get by!

Anyway back to the story at hand.  It has been a fun road to travel getting from there to here, and this past weekend was no exception.  What we did as travel up to the Comox area to visit with my parents, and for dad (Postie Bear on and I to finish up the rest of the DBM cache series for him.  Personally I still have 001 ~ 110 left to do since we had already done 111 to 155 before, but my father is now fully complete.

The DBM or Duncan Bay Main is a logging road the stretches from Courtenay/Comox all the way to Campbell River.  Originally it only had a certain amount of caches on it, but was expanded by J05_T2_LCH the original CO (Cache Owner) to 155.  But then was expanded upon further by Team Jacobbi to be 216 caches long.

Dad only needed the last 61 and we had a great time doing the last caches on the trail.  We had to work hard, as we did not want to be working at it all day. So with very minimal breaks we drove this fairly well groomed logging road, working like a well oiled machine and cached our way to the end.
We met a few other cachers along the way who were caching the series in reverse.  I can't remember their names, but it was a pleasure to meet them.

But this wasn't the end of our weekend.  The following day dad and I headed out to Seal Bay Nature Park to grab a few more.  We had a fun time walking the trails and discovering some fun caches while in park.  I believe we did 7 more caches that day, making our weekend find total a very nice 68 finds.

Thanks dad for a fun caching weekend!  And thanks to you my readers for stopping by and reading the blog. 
Make sure you stay tuned for more geocaching stories here at The GO! Team Adventures.

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