Saturday, 4 July 2015

Why? Because Souvenir, That's Why!

So on Friday July 3rd released their second souvenir in the Geocaching Road Trip '15 series. This time they called it "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" and you could earn it for attending any event from the release date up until September 2nd.

When this was officially announced in May I jumped on the band wagon and got an event lined up for the very next day after the launch date.  Our event was called "Why? Because Souvenir, That's Why! - GC5TP3T", and it's purpose was just to gather, talk, meet, discover trackables, have fun, and ultimately earn that souvenir.

So on July 4th we headed out to Queen's Park in Oak Bay (the site of the event) with my dad Postie Bear who came down from Comox (3 hrs North of Victoria) to get the party started.  Queen'a Park is a fantastic little green space with picknic tables, an old fashioned double swing (one of the last in town), tons of shade, and a great view of the Oak Bay Marina. We arrived just at islandfoxycouple arrived and headed to the best table in the park to set up.

It didn't take long for the attendees to start showing up.  And soon there was a steady stream of cachers walking up the event site and signing the logbook.  We had the usual event crew show up, and some people travelling from other areas of the island, a foreigner from Norway, and some long time cachers attending their very first event ever.  Many trackables we brought to be discovered and moved along, and cachers migrated from the event to the nearby cache that was only 20 meters away. It always puts a smile on my face to see a well attended event, and this was one of those.  There was 47 names in the log, with a count 55 total cachers (teams of more than one) in attendance.

Of course the event would not be complete without a group photo of the attendees, so after a quick announcement to get everyone in position a quick photo was taken.  Usually this marks the end and people start to trickle away, but not so today.  Many were still in deep conversation enjoying the cool sea breeze and the shade one hour after the event was officially over.

Thanks everyone for coming and making this a very successful event.  We am very happy to be the hosts of such awesome geocachers gathering in one spot.  Congrats on the souvenier and good luck on the next one that launches July 17th.

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