Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Adventure That Almost Could! Which Resulted In....

In our last story we told you about AnnieMaroo's D5/T2 CITO event.  To get that exact same combo and souvenir we intended to find another cache all together.  The original plan was to get a mystery cache called "802.11 - GCZ4JN" a mystery cache by Big G.  We had solved this one several months ago, and in turn found out that our caching friends Tadrew and Nelta had done the same.  All parties were very eager to go and get this one, so a date and time was set.  We had also decided to include my father Postie Bear in this little adventure and so and invitation that was happily accepted was offered.

The day we chose quickly arrived, and everyone was excited to go.  But there were some small changes that needed to be dealt with first.  As you may remember in a past post from April "2015 CITO Weekend & One Busy Day" Tadrew, Postie Bear and I went for a 9 cache type day to qualify for a specific challenge cache here in Victoria BC.  Well since on the day of this adventure AnnieMaroo was hosting another CITO, Neltra wanted to exploit it and go for her 9 cache type day too.  So our timings had to change to accommodate this.
This was no biggie, since I could use the extra sleep in seeing that I did a 16 hour day at both my jobs the day before.  Mrs. GO Team and I headed out the door after having the sleep in, and rendezvoused with Tadrew, Neltra, and Sunnie (Tadrew's Geo-Pup) at the arranged spot to head to our objective.  Postie Bear was already in the city we needed to get to waiting for us, so we zoomed up as quickly as we could so he wouldn't need to wait that long.

When we arrived we didn't waste any time, Postie Bear jumped into the Jeep and away we went!  However, what we hoped wouldn't be the case was the start of our demise.  The fire gate to the area we needed to go was closed, so we could not drive to the cache.  Not wanting to give up we started the trek on foot, but none of us were truly prepared for the 12km round trip hike up and down hill nor the pouring rain that came soon after we started.  Defeated we all turned around and headed back to the vehicle.

Now some of you could be asking why are you sharing a defeat story.  Well that is because it needed to be shared, and because it lead to a decision and something else.

Turns out the very next day Neltra was hosting her very first geocaching event.  The decision was made that my dad would forgo going home to Comox that night, and instead come stay the night at our house so he could attend the event.  So back to Victoria we went.

That morning dad and I grabbed a bite to eat at A&W and headed to Langford Lake to meet up withGZ.  There we found a bunch of our geofriends hanging about having a great time chatting and discovering trackables all in the beauty of the scenic view the the lake provided.  I had a great time seeing and chatting with geocachers I have known for a long time now, as well I enjoyed meeting the few new faces that were in attendance too.
the rest of the crew.  When we arrived we noticed Pat of Pat&Rob sitting in her car knitting, we had a brief chat with her and headed down to event

After the event was done a small group planned to go after the caches on the islands in the lake.  They asked me to assist them in planning a good put in location for their dinghies and other flotation devices.  So with a little strategy they are armed with a plan and ready to go.
But before we all parted we grabbed a few caches that were nearby and parted ways.

Thanks Neltra for the fun event, it was a great first event and we hope you host more.  

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