Saturday, 23 October 2010

Beware the Witching Hour is Nigh!

We had been eyeballing this since we got our first taste of night caches. Just Leafy and I could not understand the starting spot as it seemed to be in the middle of the road, but at a recent event we got a hint from alyseluvsmike and all was understood.

On October 23, 2010 we headed out with a team of people just dying to get this done.  Came out with pracademics, Just Leafy, alyseluvsmike and meleakett. We started out the journey into the night armed with our lights, glow-bracelets and a sense of adventure.

All was well as we trekked into woods placing our glow-bracelets on branches as we went, making our way to the final. Some of the terrain was a little tough to navigate as the ground was wet and moss and mud made a lot of the area slippery. But in the end we made it to our destination and found the cache.

With the signing and rummaging through the bevy of goodies in the container done, we headed back out of the woods. But then it was man down, well in fact woman down. Poor Just Leafy took a spill but luckily with no injury, in fact she thought the fall corrected her back problem a little.
After following our glow markers back out and collecting them on the way, we headed off to enjoy some food and beverage at the 4 Mile Pub.

Thanks go to  alyseluvsmike for staging this get together and getting us all out to get this one off the list! 

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