Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Second Milestone (250)

So time has obviously passed, and many more caches were found.  But with that the second milestone became a reality, and that was the 250th.  That cache was "GC2HABH - RACE10 - Eeek! Not another one! by Landsharkz", and we found this on October 30th, 2010.

We arrived at the cache site and got ourselves ready to head out, and RVTraveller and iflyrc2 (with both their wives) pulled up beside us.  We as a team headed out together to the cache site, and after a decent stroll down the beach we found the cache.  We really got a laugh out of this one, and the warning that if this was found by muggles would lead to this cache being archived made perfect sense. 

It was a great way to have found this.  It would have been really funny to have found this with Just Leafy, but it was way nicer to have been with an impromptu group!!!  To read the log CLICK HERE.

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