Saturday, 6 November 2010

Werewolves in the Woods

On November 6th, 2011 alyseluvsmike contacted me asking if Just Leafy and I were up to doing a night cache called Werewolves in the Woods - GC25D98.  I was pretty sure I had to miss out, as I was watching Just Leafy's Soccer game at the PISE at Camosun College.  They said they would wait until the game was finished and to contact them when we were ready.  But just after they hung up I got a call from my buddy that started me geocaching, thefuturespud.  He wanted to have coffee with me, but I declined and told him what I was doing.  He was interested too, so with a few quick calls thefuturespud was in on the hunt.

We (alyseluvsmike, Just Leafy, ShadowcsterCDN, thefuturespud and meleakett) all met at the prescribed parking coordinates and checked batteries, mounted head lamps, and away we went.  We followed the reflectors that were nicely spaced  for a little while, but all too soon they started to be a long distance apart.  Because of the distance of them we made a wrong turn at one point, this was due to the sap on a particular tree formed a globule that reflected light back at us and so we mistook it for a reflector.
Eventually we discovered our mistake and corrected ourselves.  And not too long after that we discovered our mistake and corrected ourselves.

Not too far ahead after we were back on track we came to the den of the werewolves and of course the cache.  After looking at the goodies and making any trades we decided to celebrate and held a flashlight party right there See The Video By Clicking Here.
And after the trek back the the vehicles we all went for some food at the Log House Pub and played musical BINGO.

What a fantastic night cache adventure.

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