Saturday, 5 March 2011

HAG 7 Wrap Up And Running Around In The Bushes At Night

Yearly the folks at hold the Hide And Go Cache event (or HAG) that marks a month of great new caches hidden with a theme in mind and a chance to win some fun and goofy awards.  This usually begins in February and goes until March.  And this particular year the HAG is seven years old, so the theme was the number seven.  And we have to say that there was some pretty cool caches that were made.  While my doorstep cache GC2M8ZX - This Alder has an Olympic View wasn't really anything to brag about, I did happen to have the most embarrassing moment happen to me (I got soaking wet) at one of Mikey_C123's caches called The Backlot.  This in turn combined with my log for the cache won me the "Best Log" trophy at the wind up event.  You can read about my crazy embarrassing moment by CLICKING HERE.

So anyway we all gathered for the event at the 6 Mile Pub, and the merriment began.  The food and drinks flowed to the tables, new alliances and friendships with new and old cachers were forged.  And then the time for the awards and trophies to be handed out came.  Anyway you have already read about my trophy above so I guess I really don't have to say much more about that.

So once all that was done everyone that remained wandered about talking and planning, and that's when news reached my ears that a group of people were planning to do a night cache at Royal Roads.   This cache happened to be GC2MP29 - Royal Sevens by The A-Team.  So needing to kill a bit of time until the gather together time, alyseluvsmike, ourselves and cacheandshoot went up to Crossroads Pub up at Colwood Corners.  There we talked about caching, and The Big Bang Theory and much much more.  And then sooner than you can blink it was time to gather at the starting point.

The whole lot of us (cacheandshoot, Just Leafy, ShadowcasterCDN, zoeseadog, JoPo2010, alyseluvsmike, kiwibirdman, Let's Eat Chocolate, Stellalabella) gathered together inside the ground, and headed into the woods following the tiny reflectors placed on the trees.  We had a blast, some of us getting to know each other for the very first time.  M of alyseluvsmike had his eyes in good form that night as he spied the tacks sometimes long before us with the flashlights did.  And winding our way through the trees we finally got to the cache.  I can't remember who made the find, but I wish I could.

Anyway it all turned out to be a very fun geocaching day, but then again what geocaching day isn't!?