Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sidney By The Sea

We had been planning with Stellalabella for months to get out at enjoy a day of caching in the Sidney and Lands End area.  An on March 23rd, 2011 we made the day happen. And what a great day it was.  On our end Just Leafy and I made our largest find day at that time of 30 finds total, while Stellalabella had a little less because they had found a few of them before. 

Anyway, we headed out from Stellabella's at a nice early hour and got to work.  We didn't really have a start spot planned, so we were throwing out ideas left right and center until we decided to start at Lands End working back towards home.

We were just knocking them off, find after find after find, and all the while talking about past finds and reminiscing about amazing caches we had seen and such.   And cute little Stella the geopuppy was keeping us all entertained, especially Just Leafy.

Regardless of all have fantastic snacks and lunches to eat while out in the field, we eventually ran out of fuel and had to start discussing dinner.  And bless their hearts, Stellalabella bought fish at the Sidney pier and took us back to their place and made a fantastic feast.  And all the while we chatted away about life, and relationships and future plans in caching.

What an amazing day!!!

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