Saturday, 16 July 2011

The GO! Team Signature Item

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a little news with you all to maybe get your fun engines running a little. 
We understand that some of you like to collect signature items created by cachers.  So we had some made.  We would like to announce that over the next little while we will be placing (in caches large enough to contain them) our Limited Edition The GO! Team Signature Fridge Magnets

There is only 50 of these in existence and each magnet in the series is numbered on the back, so you will know which one you have.  So who will have the prestige of finding/having number 01, with time we will see!  Remember folks these are to keep, so if you pick one up don't just drop it in another cache!

They look like this:


It contains our caching names, team name, caching contact info, URL (incase any of you have forgotten it LOL), and sports a handsome picture of what we feel really defines geocaching (the great outdoors)! 

Looking forward to seeing in your logs who picked these guys up! 


ShadowcasterCDN of The GO! Team