Friday, 10 February 2012

100 Days of Caching Completed!

Well we can definitely say "Achievement Unlocked" on this one. We The GO! Team have completed our statistical goal of 100 straight days of caching on February 10th, 2012! The cache was "GCYH9Y - Trick or Tweet" by Sole Seeker. It is a very cute cache, a type we had heard of but never seen before.

The road to 100 straight days of caching was fun for the most part, but towards the end started to feel like a chore. I think if we had tried this back when we began caching it would have been fun until the end, since back then we had not blanketed the city with finds yet. But in order to complete this goal now it required doing only one a day, and doing only one is not as much fun as doing many.

We are very glad to have completed this, and will move forward and try to expand on the running streak. But I am not sure how much further we can really go with it.

Thanks to everyone out there for your geocache hides! Without you our challenge would not have been possible!!

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