Sunday, 5 February 2012

GCGV Track Me Wrap Up Event

Today was the wrap up event for the trackable race that started last december by the folks that head up GCGV (Geocaching Greater Victoria). A whole bunch of trackables were sent off to Australia to travel (hopefully) around the world on a quest for points, and both Just Leafy and I had a trackable in this race.
This event was held at Serious Coffee out on the Old Island Highway, which is a location used quite a bit for cacheing events. I have to add here that if you are not a fan of coffee (and don't get me wrong I love coffee myself), make sure to get yourself an americano. These folks have this down to a science.

Normally this kind of event would have tons of people gathered at it, but because it was Super Bowl Sunday the attendance was less than spectacular. But a few stalwart souls still showed up to hear the results.
With all the winners announced there was one more prize to give out. And that prize went to Just Leafy. The poor girl was in dead last the whole way through, this was because her Travel Bug went missing right away.

The cacher in Australia that picked it up did not log that they had it. It then got placed in a cache somewhere and it never got logged that it was there. And while the year ticked by, it stayed in the archived event's inventory. Finally after giving up on it and moving it to lost status on January 19, 2012, it was finally found in New South Wales and picked up by someone the very next day on January 20, 2012. For this she won a nice book about caching!

Thanks GCGV for another fun event!
It was awesome to see everyone again, we had a great time!!

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