Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12-12-12 Events and Night Caching with Giant Pickle

So 12-12-12 the last time the date could be the same numbers consecutively for about a hundered years has come and gone, and we geocachers really did it in style. 

There were three events in the Victoria area today, and we The GO! Team had all events covered;  while I Shadowcaster attended the Grifung event in View Royal, Just Leafy attended the Oak Bay event...  Ahhh the convenience of being a team under a single banner!

The events were "The end is near!  Flash mob - GC40KTG" hosted by Grifung, "12-12-12 Behind the Tweed Curtain Flash Mob - GC3YHWT" hosted by AnnieMaroo, and "12-12-12 Event - End of the Mayan World - GC40MRX" hosted by Landsharkz.
The Grifung and AnnieMaroo events were earlier in the day at about the same time on opposite ends of town, while the Landsharkz event was in the evening at a local pub!

I will take my turn first and write about the event I attended,  "The end is near!  Flash mob - GC40KTG" hosted by Grifung.

As I pulled into the entrance to the park in View Royal where this event was being held, I could tell this would be an interesting one.  There were already a lot of people already there, and the parking lot was totally full.  Figuring that the line of cars properly parked were cacher cars, I parked blocking them just like many others had done... Only to find shortly after that they were not, as a group of grumpy dog walkers returned to the lot to vocalize their displeasure at our presence.  
Oh well sucks to be them really, we just moved the cars around a bit and stayed as planned.  There was not a chance that these grumpy ladies were going to hinder our plans for a 12:12pm on 12-12-12 group photo.  
Soon the time got close and as we all arranged ourselves into position for the photo, Dave (Pracademics) came whizzing into park, jumped out of the car and ran into frame...  Talk about good timing!!
Grifung began to count down, smiles were plastered onto our faces, and then it was done.
As people took off to return to jobs and/or return to caching on this day, many stayed for a few min to log trackables and chat.  I stayed for as long as I could, but then slid out and headed for home.

While that was taking place Just Leafy was in Oak Bay at the event she attended, "12-12-12 Behind the Tweed Curtain Flash Mob - GC3YHWT" hosted by AnnieMaroo.  Now she will tell you about that event herself.  So Just Leafy take it away...

What a neat day to host an event on 12-12-12! I love numbers so I can really appreciate this kind of thing. As there were two events taking place at the same time Shadowcaster and I thought it was a great idea if we both attended one event each since we're a team now...and that's what we did! I guess you really can be in two places at once!!
It was great to see those of you who attended this event (Behind the Tweed Curtain Flash Mob) and hopefully there will be a larger turn out for the event being hosted by Landsharkz tonight!
I LOVED trying to get my photo with the dogs that were was quite comical!
Thanks AnnieMaroo for the chocolate, I enjoyed every last bite!

Later that day we got out and did a few caches out near home that we were saving and went home to prep for the evening event  "12-12-12 Event - End of the Mayan World - GC40MRX" hosted by Landsharkz.

At this event we had a great time.  It had been many many years since the last time I was at Ma Miller's Pub, but the food was as good as it was back then.  Sometimes at these kind of events it is hard to socialize due to people sitting in groups and not really migrating around, but we did what socializing we could.

As the evening progressed the pub set up for it's weekly Karaoke.  Some of us were brave soles that went up and sang our hearts out.  This included Wrooster doing "Sweet Sixteen", Nanakatz doing some song (sorry I don't remember), Wrooster with Just Leafy and I doing "It's End of The World As We Know It", Steve of Islandfinders with Just Leafy doing "Love Shack", and myself rocking "Enid"!

After the event Giant Pickle asked us to join in on some night cache adventures, and we headed out to do "Quest for the Nocturnal Shark - GC1R8RN" and while attempting it knocked off "Rocky Horror Shark Show - HAG VI - GC23NP1" by chance.

What a great day for caching, and attending a series of fun events.  Thanks Grfung, AnnieMaroo and Landsharkz for putting it all together!

 Oh and check out the newest geocoin to join our collection too!

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