Saturday, 24 November 2012

ABRUPT ENCOUNTER WITH REALITY GEOCACHE With Paulboy, Cougar Kid and Pracademics

Well back in August I did POINT DEFIANCE GEOCACHE with Mr. Moss Troopers and Pracademics and attempted ABRUPT ENCOUNTER WITH REALITY GEOCACHE but we were met with a closed gate, that impeded us in getting there. A decision was made that we would just not do it that day, and we moved on to get other caches in the area and come again in the fall in hopes that the gate would be open.

Time went by and plans were laid, but sadly this time Mr. Moss Trooper had to decline... This then required us to find a new team to go up with us. I first tried to get alyseluvsmike involved, but they had plans to be in Nanaimo with Creaky Clan Chris the weekend we were planning for, so obviously they could not come!
So who else would be up for coming with us... I thought and thought and thought.. Ok I didn't think that much becasue the answer was obvious....  Paulboy and Cougar Kid.

I met up in the morning of Saturday November 24th with Pracademics, Paulboy and Cougar Kid, and started the long drive out to this wonderfully beautiful area. Laughs and jokes kept us lively the whole way up, but the ever present wish of an open gate for easy drive up was in our minds.

We first stopped at a familiar location to let Paulboy and Cougar Kid get POINT DEFIANCE GEOCACHE, and once we did that we were on our way to the most important one of the day.
But sadly when we arrived our hopes at finding an open gate were crushed due to active logging in the area, and this time we had to resort to plan B... Walk the 4.1km up!!

 This is a steady uphill climb, but with steeled hearts we trekked all the way to GZ, me being the slowest of the group yet the youngest..  Guess all my weightloss this past summer didn't increase my uphill stamina at all!  When we arrived on site where the hide would be we began the search and made a quick find.  It was really cool to find that the original lid was present at the hide site.

Of course we took the time to take some goofy photos, and had a bit of a rest and headed back downhill.

It is nice to get another iconic TEAM cache found, and even nicer to find it with fun and wonderful cache friends.

Thanks for keeping it alive!

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