Friday, 9 November 2012

The Return of Hobo & Miss

Hi there everyone!

Just Leafy here!!  I'm excited to write my very first ever entry to our geo-adventure blog.  Why is it that I get a chance to write one??  Well, the answer is because Shadowcaster for once could not attend the event as he was working that evening.  I thought it would be a good idea to attend so I went without him.

As most of you may remember back in May of 2011, Hobo & Miss of jolly ol' England came to town and hosted an event at Swans Pub here in Victoria.  I believe that this is a previous entry in our blog marking our 999th cache back then!

Hobo & Miss were back again on November 9th and they held an event to check in with old friends and to meet some new ones!

I brought a girlfriend along with me who is curious about geocaching so she could start meeting the geo-caching crew within the community and to hopefully boost her interest further with the social aspect of the game!  I can't wait to show her some of most creative caches out there once the weather gets warmer and so that a full day can be made of it!

We enjoyed the company!  There was lots of laughter and we had a great time playing music bingo!  The food was terrific and can't wait until I return to have those nachos another time!! 

It was sure nice to see Hobo & Miss again!

A big thanks to them for hosting the event bringing some of us together and a big thanks to all the cachers who showed up too - it's always great to see familiar faces!!

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