Sunday, 28 October 2012

Plans Made, Team Chosen, Team Signature Item Designed & Now The Long Wait...

The gears have been set in motion for quite some time now for us thanks to our good geo-pal Paulboy. 
This intrepid cacher has had this idea for some time to get a group of fun, crazy, out of this world cachers together to go down to Nevada and tackle the ET Highway Cache Series.
This series is two thousand caches long, spread out over a nice long stretch of highway.

The date is set, the flights and hotels have been booked, budgets have been discussed and we are ready to go!

Our cache team consists of Paulboy, Cougar Kid, bigbluemarble, JuRuu, seekandsail, CRkyaker, Postie Bear (my dad) and us The GO! Team (Shadowcaster & Just Leafy). 

We will be kicking off this adventure with an event at the Luxor Hotel and Casino the day before we start, and caching our brains out for five days after.

Our cache team is called the CIA or Canadian Island Aliens and we have t-shirts, hats and pathtags with our team logo (designed by me Shadowcaster)  to go along with us.

We may even toss in an event here before we leave to collect trackables to take the Las Vegas with us and for people to wish us Bon Voyage, so stay tuned for more info on that.

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