Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tipping A Pint To Good Friends!

On the evening of the 17th of October the Cache-keteers threw an event for caching couple ScraphappyJ and Cacher Lou at the Cobblestone Inn and Pub.

We walked into the pub about 30min early to see Chris (Magicman65) already there enjoying a meal.  We joined him and talked for a while until the next set cachers arrive, and went into the billards room to sit at our actual tables.  Cache talked and the flashing of trackables ensued, all the while more and more cachers poured through the door.

I have to tell you.. If you are passing through Cobble Hill and and can have a chance to stop in at the Cobblestone Inn and Pub, make sure to do so.  The food and atmoshphere here is great.  I enjoyed the best nachos I have had in a long time, while most places skimp of the toppings this place piles them on.

Soon AnnieMaroo showed up, and after being out east in PEI she had a ton of trackables to be discovered and picked up.  So it was trackable heaven at the head table, while everyone crouched over the table and recorded numbers for later!
One of the highlights of this was that Annie just happened to find and pick up both mine and Porchlizard's Trackable Racing Ducks.  This means it made it to PEI and back again, and racking in a ton of points. 
This was good news for me, since I didn't even know mine had made it.  When it got to Alberta and then happened to unfortunatly come back to the Island, I got discouraged and stopped paying attention to its progress.  But in the mean while it seemed that Paulboy found it before going to PEI in August and took it all the way there.  So it looks like Porchlizard and I are in the lead WOOO-HOO!  But just cause they went and came back already does not mean the race is done.. So don't rest yet Porchlizard, get that ducky back out there!!!

Slowly the night came to an end, and all the cachers started to trickle back out and to thier homes (or caching).  And soon enough it was our turn to leave.

We had great time, and enjoyed the experience very much.  Nice to meet you ScraphappyJ and Cacher Lou, and thank you Cache-keteers for hosting another fun event!!

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