Sunday, 30 September 2012

Our 1800th Find!

This cache "RACE10: Cacher Cacher Body Snatcher - GC2HB25" marks our 1800th find.

I had this mystery cache solved months ago, but never got out here to find it. Since 1800 was just around the corner we figured it was time. So today the last day of September came, and we decided we would end the month with a milestone find.
We headed out, grabbed our coffees and drove to the parking coordinates. We arrived and found a little side alcove to pull into, and away we went. It was a nice walk all the way to the cache, and while I did spot it first I pretended I didn't so that Just Leafy could have the ah-ha moment too. We signed the log, took our celebratory photo and started out.......

But this is when this dog came running out of the bushes at us. It was steaming mad, you could see the whites of it's eyes and it was bearing its teeth at us. Leafy the dog lover was seriously frightened, and was clinging to me. I picked up a stick to use in self defense just in case the animal proceeded to advance in attack. This is when we heard over the dog barks and growls the voice of some person in the distance shouting the dogs name, and it ran off back into the bushes.

We were both relieved that the dog never attacked us, it was a very nerve rattling scene. We won't ever forget our 1800th cache that's for sure!!!!!

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