Sunday, 23 September 2012

Having Fun at the Wherigo 101 Event

On Sunday the 23rd of September the Cache-keteers held their Wherigo 101 event.
This highly anticipated event was held for the purpose of teaching cachers how to participate in a Wherigo Cache, and to give those that do not have the means to complete one a chance to get the one placed for the mega done. 

This is a very different kind of cache.  While there is a tradtional style cache at the end, you must complete the objective set forward by the Wherigo creator.  Think of this like an interactive videogame that you play outdoors in a specific location.  The tools needed for this one is a pen/pencil, clipboard, graphpaper, and a GPS capable of running a Wherigo Cartrige or at least emulate it. 

Once you are on site you run your cartrige and start the game.  In this particular case the objective is to find your way out of an invisible maze.  This is where the writing tools and stationary come in handy, as you will use these to do a little cartography.  Deadends are nothing to dispare about as they usually are programmed to dispence some clues to you to help your adventure along.  Those that are lucky enough to navigate easily through the maze don't end up with the addional clues, but can feel rewarded in having some superior intuition.  And once you find your way out of the maze, you are given the location of the traditional cache so you can sign the log.

Well back to the event.  Just Leafy and I had real trouble getting out of town this day.  I am always very upset by the one lane bottleneck just after Spencer Road, as it is amost always very backed up.   Eventually we got through it and we were on our way, but this did not stop us from being nearly 30 minuets late.
We arrived to find the event in full swing, and we got a real chuckle at seeing this small hoard of cachers walking seemingly aimless through the feild here.  From what I understand there were people driving by and literally slowing down to look at this odd event taking place.

We were ushered into the maze by Diraduck, who urged us to hurry along.  She gave us a brief but very understandable outline of what to do, and away we went.  Well wouldn't you know it, shortly after starting we hit our very first dead end.  This is when Joe of the Moss Troopers cantered over to us and gave us a hint to get us on the right track.  And armed with the hint we continued on, and started to do very well.  But then we ran into another snag, Just Leafy accidently got tap happy on the screen and cleared the junction that I needed to draw to move on.  But with some help from Tracy of the Moss Troopers we got the info we needed, and were able to continue our quest.

Well in the end we did very well!  Of all the dead ends in the maze we only hit two more, and quickly made our way through the maze.  And I think we were about fith or sixth to get to the cache and sign the log... Not to shabby for arriving late!!!

At the end prizes were handed out to the individuals that made it to the cache the fastest, and a special prize was given to the last person who happened to be Paulboy!  He got a bag of Turtles Chocolates for being slow and steady.

But wait... Who is this arriveing just as we are all coming to a close... It's John and Anne who we all lovingly call Cache Crop.  While we all hung about talking like we all usually do, we noticed Cache Crop having some issues with the maze.  So I volunteered my services and helped guide them along.  They thanked me very much for helping them out, as they were sure they would be in trouble if I hadn't. 

In the end, this turned out to be another fantastic event hosted by the ladies of The Cache-keteers!  Thank you so much SoobaxM, Porchlizard, Sheesh695 & Diraduck for all your hard work and dedication.  And thanks also goes to the Moss Troopers for being on hand to assist with their Wherigo Creation!!!

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