Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Caching Fun in Campbell River and Comox Valley

Well it had been a while since I had seen my parents, and figured it would be time to visit with them (and get some tech work done for my dad).  They live in the Comox Valley, and that area is one that I have only scratched the surface of when it comes to geocaching.  So really a trip up there is a blessing for a geocaching couple like Just Leafy and I.

We started our trip on Saturday September 1st, and had it planned to attemp three caches on the way up.  The first of which was in Cobble Hill, and this one particular cache was where I needed to drop off a Racing Travel Bug.  This was the final spot it had to reach, and if it did it would win the race it was in.  So we arrived a the park and made out way to the cache, and found with the assistance of another cacher that was passing by (sorry we can't remember his name).   We placed the TB and headed on our way again. 

The second stop for the last two we wanted to grab were in Coombs, home of the goats on the roof!
We found those two really quickly and then took a moment to grab one of thier famous Ice Cream Cones.  Anyone who has stopped here knows what I am am talking about!!
But that little break in the trip was done all too soon, and then it was back to getting ourselves to Comox.
Really there is nothing more to tell about that day, so that was three caches down and many more to go over the next few days.

Sunday September 2nd rolls around and my parents decide to take us up to Campbell River to get some caching done.  I took to looking on geocaching.com to see what we could do up there and found the ERT Series.  It had thirty plus caches along the road that has been converted to a trail, and I knew that was something we had to tackle.  We arrived and enjoyed our hike along this nice shady trail, netting ourselves sixteen caches total.  There were a ton of blackberry bushes along the way, so finding snacks was not a problem at all! 
We headed into town after for a coffee and got four more to give us an even twenty finds for the day.  Away back home to Mom and Dad's we went for a well deserved steak dinner.  Went to bed at a decent time to be nice and ready for the adventure the next day.  We look forward to returning to the ERT to wrap up the last of them by bike next time we come back this way.

Monday September 3rd, the real day of caching that I had planned before coming up.  I had noticed ages ago a mini powertrail of caches in Courtney that had about twenty-two caches on it.  This trail is called the One Spot Trail, named after a logging locomotive that used to run the railway that used to be here.
This proved to be a fantastic adventure for us.  The trail has a ton of shade, and is in fantastic condition 90% of the way.  It took us through wooded areas and along farmland.  Truely a gem of a trail.
We walked the eight kilometers in about two hours, and really did not feel any worse for wear at the end.  And to top it all off, we found all the caches!!  Not a single DNF (Did Not Find) out of the bunch!
And while we did this trail Just Leafy and I hit our 1700th cache find milestone!!!
Once we were done, and with the energery we had left.  Leafy, my Dad and I found just a few more and netted a total thirty caches for this day.  It's so nice to get out and get lots of caches like this in a city you don't visit too often.

Well that is all I can say really about this trip.  A big thanks to every cacher in Campbell River and the Comox Valley for all the great hides, we appreciate your dedication to providing an adventure to all who embrace this fine activity.

Oh and to my Dad.. Welcome to geocaching Postie Bear!!!  He decided that with all the times he comes out caching with us when we are up here that he should create his own account.  I am looking forward to the many adventures we can have together big guy!

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