Saturday, 25 August 2012

CITO and Blitz Wrap Up (Two Events One Day)

Wow...  I have been pretty bad as of late trying to get these blog entries up to date, and to you my readers I have to apologize.  But lets try to get caught up now!

On Saturday August 25th AnnieMaroo was in charge hosting 2 events.  The first of which was a CITO event and the other a wrap up event for the BCGA Blitz 2012.

For those that are new joining us and possibly not a geocacher, a CITO is an event where we as geocachers go and clean up a park by removing garbage so that others may come and enjoy a clean enviroment.  The word CITO breaks up into 4 words " Cache In Trash Out", and a responsible cacher is one that practices this everywhere they go.  We all need to do our part as warden of the enviroment.

Well this particular one took place at Sunridge Valley / Galloping Goose area, a place we had cleaned up a year before that had been trashed up pretty good in the year since!
We had a great time hanging out and talking as we picked up the trash in the area.  Us cachers always have a great time getting together, the chatter is nonstop!  After about 40min it was time to call it quits, so we gathered all our trash together and stood around it for a group photo!

Here we all split up and did what we wanted for 30min... I am sure everyone did what Just Leafy and I did in the 30min... And that would be cache!  We only did one, but it was one that had been pestering us for a while.  After making that find we headed over to the Esquimalt Lagoon for the second event of the day.

This event was the B12: Blitz Wrap Up for South Vancouver Island.  I won't lie to you all, I actually don't know too much about the BCGA Blitz that takes place yearly.  But from what I gather, it is a contest to hide quality caches that match a theme.  Once hidden and once they go live people look for them of a few months and vote on what ones they think are the best.  To vote I think they click on a HTML link that is provided on the cache page description, and once the period is over the winners for a region are announced at events like this.  Ok maybe I know more than I let on!!

Anyway the winners were announced and then after there was a draw for addional prizes.  I happened to win a bag of micro-cache tubes (beware GCGV Cachers), and Leafy won a cool T-Shirt!
And becasue this was slated as another short event, it came to a close and people dispursed to do whatever they wanted again.

We had decided to take advantage of being here at Esquimalt Lagoon and knock off two earthcaches that were here.  And for this mini adventure Cameracowgirl joined us. 
An earthcache is a cache that does not have an acutal cache hidden at it, but there is a natural lesson to be learned from the area.  To log the cache you must collect the answers and/or required photos and email them to the cache owner.
Well the three of us had a great time collecting the info and pictures needed, and once done headed on our different ways home.

Again, another wonderful summer geocache adventure day.  Thanks AnnieMaroo for the events, and coincidently for your two great Earthcaches!
And to everyone we saw on this day, it was awesome to see you and we look forward to net time!

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