Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Port Renfrew with Pracademics and MossTroopers

Well today's adventure began with a conversation while in line for Pancakes at the Island Spirit Mega. 
As I mentioned in that story I was talking with MossTroopers and Paracademics and that we made some plans.  And those plans came to life on this very day.... We went to Port Renfrew!

The whole idea was to head up and get the finals for two very epic TEAM KFWB caches, POINT DEFIANCE and ABRUPT ENCOUNTER (the team really likes using caps lock).  Please note that I will not provide any spoilers and there are no geotags in the photos, you will have to figure it out for yourselves!

We all met up at the Mayfair Mall parking lot and started the drive up.  The trip was full of great stories, and laughs were had by all.  And before we knew it we were there, and it was navigation time.

We made it nice and easy to our first cache POINT DEFIANCE, and using Intel about this cache found the access point that allowed us to approach without having to bushwhack up!  The view up here was spectacular, and I could not help myself from grabbing a few pictures of the area.

We approached watching our GPS units noting the distance, and soon we hear the tell tale BEEP that says you are there.  The search was on, but not for long!  About four minutes into the search Pracademics shouts out "Found it", and the first of two were found.  Group shot taken and log signed we started back to the vehicle to go and find the next one.

We headed out to ABRUPT ENCOUNTER, but here we ran into a bit of a snag.  Sadly a gate bared our way.  But with some quick recalculating we turned around and tired from another route.  But nope this did not work either, and none of us was up for the 4km hike uphill to get it.  So this was a DNF (Did Not Find) for us.  But I promise... WE WILL BE BACK.

Luckily there are a ton of caches in the area, including a bunch that were released for the Island Spirit Mega.  So now we turned to these and made a great day out of it.  In total we got twelve for the day, and I even got to revisit some fun memories from my teen years when we made a stop at Lizard Lake.

Thanks TEAM KFWB and their cache adopters for giving this trip its initial reason, and a big thanks to all the cachers that placed caches out here.  We had a great time, and I for one am looking forward to the return trip!

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