Saturday, 18 August 2012

2nd Annual Geocaching Appreciation Day

On August 18, 2012 Groundspeak hosted it's 2nd Annual Geocaching Appreciation Day.  For many it was a reason to head down to Seattle to attend the Block Party that is hosted near Groundspeak HQ.  But for some of us, the tip to the states is just not an option, and celebrating in our hometowns is the only way.  Thankfully to get the souvenir for this day on your account all you have to do is log a find that day.

But what about those that really want to get together with fellow cachers.  Thankfully because of cachers like AnnieMaroo and the Island Spirit Organizing Committee this was totally possible.

Last year AnnieMaroo held a garden party at her home that everyone could come to, but this time she did something a bit different.  For this years event she hosted another Flash Mob photo for all of us and our K9 cacher pals.  This sure is a quick but fun way to get everyone together, and we dog lovers without one of our own can play with these lovable furry cachers!
Soon we all gathered together for the photo, and after a few snaps of the shutter we were all on our way again.   I for one am one of the last to leave, and I hung out for a while chatting about caches with Camercowgirl and The A-Team!

But this is not over yet.. Island Spirit was also hosting an event later that day just north of Mill Bay at a very beautiful and picturesque winery.  This location had some beautiful scenery and a cache right on site.
But this event was not all fun and games, there was a business side to it too.  At this event Island Spirit was handing over all the legacy caches that were placed for the Mega Event back in July to those cachers willing to adopt one or two or three... or more!
We adopted two of them (GC3H2WR & GC3H2WY), both very close to the Kinsol Trestle in the Shawnigan Lake area.  This netted us two new caches to call our own, but also a pair of the cool Island Spirit Puzzle Trackables that were available to people at the Mega (one of which we will be giving away to a friend in Alberta)!

But sadly this day had to come to a close too soon for us, as I had to return to Victoria to get ready for work.  We said our goodbyes and headed to the car, and both said to each other that this was a really great day.

Thank you AnnieMaroo and Island Spirit for the fun events!  It was great seeing everyone again, and we look forward to the next time!  And also a big thanks to Cameracowgirl for permitting us to use two of her fantastic panoramic photos from both events!!

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