Thursday, 9 August 2012

Going For The Island Caches Part 2 1/2: Matheson Lake Redux

As many of you will have read (or will read) Just Leafy and I went to Matheson Lake to get a geocache on the island there for our two year geo-anniversary.
We were so happy to have gotten out there to find that cache, but that adventure was really short lived and we ached for a reason to go back sooner than later.

Sure enough shortly after mentioning on Facebook that we had done it, we started getting bombarded with questions about if we got another cache while we were there!  I know I was confused and answered politely that we had only the time for the one cache, and that is when we learned that there was actually another one there on the island.
Well I tell you, the two of us started planning that trip really quick and we decided to go today Thursday August 9th 2012.

We awoke early to get the gear ready, and headed out.  This time we left the boat at home!  We chose to both swim out to the island using our SCUBA flippers, this would allow for us to get our exercise in for the day.  And really we could not have asked for a better day... It was BEAUTIFUL out, and the water was actually pretty nice once you got past the initial shock when you first plunge in!

There were muggles (non-caching folk) on the island, but they were too into themselves to notice us and our activities.  And after a short look we saw it and made the grab.  Returned the cache after signing to its home, and covered it up a little better (its was semi out in the open when we found it).

We returned to the water and donned our flippers yet again, but instead of heading back we decided to take a swim around the island first.

Around we slowly went, taking in the scenery from angles we normally would never have.  Saw a Bald Eagle flying around, obviously looking for something to eat.
It truly made our entire day and week to take the time out to do this, and we really should do it more often.

Sadly my camera that I use for water adventures is still out of commission, so all photos had to be done on land!  But at least we were able to get a couple of shots of our adventure.

We now look forward to doing our next island cache trip, so stay tuned for that particular entry in The GO! Team Adventures.

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