Monday, 27 May 2013

Brentwood Bay Lighthouse & New Cachers Ahoy!

I got off work at my usual time just before midnight on Sunday May 26th and met with my friend for coffee at the Saanich Plaza Tim Horton's.  While we chatted and talked over some stuff he got a text from his wife asking when I could take them out geocaching so they could see what it is all about. 
Well what great timing for them, as I had planned to go do Brentwood Bay Lighthouse - GC1G195 in the afternoon of May 27th (technically that day in 12hrs).  I told him how I had checked out the tide charts, and that we should be able to walk out to this one, and what it would be like to get to it.  Excited he called his wife and told her, and when he hung up he told me they were in.

I woke up the next day and ensured that they made a account (for those that don't know, it's free) and went out to pick them up.  We didn't have the greatest of weather, but we sucked it up and headed out. 
Arriving in Brentwood Bay, we parked at the parking coordinates for an old cache that was located nearby and used the the low tide to walk out to the cache.  A little info for anyone reading this,  if the tide is out the exposed beach that is below the high tide line is considered public property.  So you can access tough to reach areas without trespassing.  But be smart and get back before the tide comes back, or you are stuck.

It was a lot of fun getting to this one.  We saw a ton of starfish clinging to the rocks waiting for the tide to come back, large live mussels strewn across the exposed beach, and actually got sprayed at by several that were buried below the sand.

Eventually we made it to the cache, and our friends now known as team_pasha were given the honours of retrieving the cache and signing first. 

I have to say that doing a 1/5 for their first cache is pretty cool.  And even cooler was being there to experience it with them. 

Welcome to the world of Geocaching team_pasha, may you be blessed with good reception and tons of finds!

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