Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saddest Geocaching Day Ever!

Well what was to be a great day caching after my birthday turned out to be a sad sad day.  Creyke Point - GCMY34 was to be the first of many finds today, but it did not happen that way. 

We arrived in ESP at the parking lot and began our walk out.  As we approached GZ we originally arrived up too high, so we came back a different way and were too low. 
Trying one more way got to within 4 meters and I got the beep telling me my GPS need new batteries. Taking a second to change them I fumbled the GPS, then dropped it and watched in horror as the events unfold. 

The GPS fell glass screen side down right onto the rocks and shattered the screen. And to add insult to injury, because the battery door was open and batteries out the memory card door and memory card went flying out.... No where to be found.

We searched for the memory card, but in the end only ended up finding the cache. So signed that and looked a bit longer... Still could not find it.

Eventually admitting defeat we moved on back to the parking lot, and began a long quiet drive home.

Goodbye my friend!

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