Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bon Voyage Cacheandshoot

June 12, 2013 was a day of mixed emotions for a few people in the GCGV caching community.  One of our military geocachers was posted back out east in Nova Scotia, and this was the evening of his farewell event.

Cacheandshoot came to us a couple of years ago when he took up his posting here at CFB Esquimalt where he worked as a military photographer. 
It is said when we arrived here he had little hope in connecting with any of the cachers here in Victoria.  But as time went on he met alyseluvsmike and a few more including us, and forged some fun friendships.

Cacheandshoot was known by us to be competitive in a friendly, and energetic way.  When he became friends with us we were all under 1000 finds, and for some reason the race was on.  It was comical how much competion there was between him and alyseluvsmike. 
If I were to go out caching with him and not have her there, she would chastise me for helping him get his numbers up.  But then she would plan a big day caching and take me, and rub it in to him after!  It was a fun time; however while being caught in the middle of them and thier race to 1000 finds, I actually beat them to it. 

Another fond memory of my time caching with Cacheandshoot was hearing about how he also had a friendly compition with his sister back home.  He even concoted a plan to beat her to a specific goal too, and he named it Operation Bucephala.  You see I believe that the word Bucephala is in her caching name somewhere, and it is because it was her favorite subgenus of anatidae (ducks).  I can not remember what this goal he had to beat his sister on was, but it sure was funny to hear about it at the time.

Well onto the event! 

It really was a great time.  We gathered at the location for the alloted time, and had our group photo together and each of us recieved Canadian Forces geocoins.  After that we went for food and drinks at Swans Brew Pub across the street. 
We stayed late into the night telling our caching tales, especially listening to cacheandshoots.  We laughed and talked, and slowly we dwindled to being just me and him left.  After he learnt that I was at nealy 4600 finds (how he didn't know eludes me) he has decalred that it is his next goal to beat my numbers.  I wished him luck in that endevour even though I know he can do it, and I welcome him to try!

We finally called it a night, and after making sure he got home headed for mine.

Thank you to all who turned out to the event, I know it meant a lot to him to have you all there.

And thank you cacheandshoot for the event and geocoins.  You will be missed by us here on the West Coast, and I hope that someday we will cache together in your home caching grounds.

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