Saturday, 29 June 2013

Langford Invasive CITO - GC4DK92

On June 29th, 2013 Cache Crop hosted a CITO (Cache In Trash Out) event at Langford Lake.  Our mission was to assist Langford Parks Dept. in removing invasive plant species from the surrounding area.

Sadly on this particular day Just Leafy could not come with me due to work, but I arrived on scene at 9:15am to eagerly pull these horribly persistent plants.

I met with G-Force in the parking lot and headed to the site when we heard this little voice calling out to us saying "Excuse me".  Turning we saw someone neither of us recognized, but then she asked "Are you here for the event?"... We told her yes and she introduced herself as Dutch Chocolate, a name I remembered because I had just recently done one of her caches.

We arrived at event GZ (ground zero) to find Mrs. Cache Crop hard at work already.  Saying hello and donning our gloves she introduced us to the enemy.  These enemies are known as Daphne Laurel (a plant we have dealt with before), Ivy, Scotch Broom and one other I don't remember the name of.

As we started work more and more people showed up, and shortly we had a small army working away eliminating the enemy.  Sadly I had to stop work because I developed a few hives and a rash from the Daphne Laurel, which if you refer back to the CITO I wrote about back in February actually have some toxic properties. But I hung out until the end and assisted in what way I could without getting into the thick of the plants.

It was a lovely hot day, and Mrs. Cache Crop had refreshments and snacks for us too. 
Which were prefect to keep the energy up and beating the heat
But soon the 2 hours allotted to the event were up, and we had made an amazing dent in the invasive species where we were working.  Looking around we had several heaping piles of the plants for Langford Parks to pick up, which were impressive to see.

Thank you Cache Crop for hosting the event and for supplying the refreshments.  And thank you to everyone who turned up to help.

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