Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kellett Point Cove - Roche Cove Regional Park CITO - GC4E5VR

On June 30, 2013 sophiavogt hosted a CITO out near Sooke at Kellett Point Cove part of Roche Cove Regional Park.  This was a small part of the park I had not seen before, and I was looking forward to seeing it.

The event was to be an hour long starting at 10:00am.  I was a wee bit late due to being stuck behind someone from Washington State who was clearly having issues with converting to our speed limits, but thankfully when I arrived everyone was still in the parking lot.
Upon arrival sophiavogt had us fill out a few forms, I assume were waivers so that the park takes no responsibility if anything were to happen to us.  Once that was done it was gloves on, garbage bag in hand and off to the site we go.

It was a small beach that was not easily accessible.  When you arrive you are pretty high up on a cliff edge, with a small steep way down on the right and what seemed to be no way down on the left.  But by backtracking a little I was able to find a overgrown path that lead to a cute little grotto in the trees where someone built a simple bench.  From here you could get down to the beach a bit easier, so I called out to the others and down we went.

There was a ton of trash down on this beach, most of it I assume was from the nearby marina.  There was a a lot of rope, boat bumpers, fishnet floats, and Styrofoam.  Sadly the beach was covered in little pebble sized and shaped bits of Styrofoam that could not be picked up, and because it is not biodegradable it will be there forever or just get washed away to another beach.  Even worse it will be eaten by sea life and sea birds, and because their stomachs can't digest the stuff it will sit in their stomachs until they die.

We did a good deed here today, and we removed a lot of trash.  Actually our hero of the day was solo888 who actually went into the water and swam out to retrieve a piece of trash that was floating into the cove.

Returning to the parking lot we ran into Mr. Islandfinders and Paintgirl with her clan, they had arrived late and assumed we went down the Galloping Goose in the other direction.  But they went and picked up a few pieces of trash to say they did their part.

And after all was said and done I headed out with sophiavogt, solo888, neltra, tooniegar and Mr. Islandfinders to find two caches we had previously not found before.

Thank you sophiavogt for arranging everything and hosting the event.  And thank you to everyone who turned out to clean this little beach up.


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