Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ice Cream Social in the Cowichan Valley

On the 21st of July, Just Leafy and I loaded the car with geocoins and folding chairs and headed up north to the Cowichan Valley.  On this particular hot and sunny day we were going to an Ice Cream Social event hosted by our good friends the Cache-keteers.  

We made the drive over the Malahat in a decent amount of time despite being late out the door and arrived to find a large number of cachers from all over the Island already there.

This was a really fun event, full of interesting things to do to keep everyone engaged in some way.
Upon arrival and signing in we were given a Geo-BINGO sheet to fill in.  This is a fun game and a way to put names and faces with certain achievements.  On the sheet in a grid is a bunch of different things to ask cachers if they have completed.  Veteran cachers can sign most of the blocks, while novice to new cachers can only sign a few.  It is great way to meet new people, and have those people help you talk to others that you may have otherwise neglected to.  After completing your card you hand it in with your name on it and receive a ticket for the draw later.

After that came the ice cream!  The Cache-keteers had a nice selection of frozen confectioneries.  I had a rainbow ice cream, which was a very interesting blast of different flavors.  This was a type I had not tried before!

The day progressed and more games were played.  There was this very interesting game where a  person had to roll a log sheet, stuff it in a nano cache, stuff the nano into a bison tube, stuff the bison tube in a small cache with swag a logbook a pen and a info sheet, stuffing that cache into a ammo-can with logbook pen info sheet and swag.  
The first to finish the task was the winner.
When I did it, I got my finger caught in the latch of the ammo-can and got pinched really bad.  But nothing that could not be ignored... But that was my first geo-injury at an event!

Next came the ammo-can toss.  This was set up by age and gender!
The kids had a nice small ammo-can to try and wing across the field, while the adults had larger heavier ammo-cans... But the men having the largest!

I watched for a while, and then decided to give it a try after seeing my wife get in line.
Soon it was my turn and I got in my best under-arm tossing stance, gave the box a some power up swings, and then let it loose.  And it flew, and when it came to the ground it landed a whopping 67 feet away!

The location was marked, and when all was said and done I was the undefeated champion in the Men`s category!  I should be an Olympian lol!

On came the draw, and there were a bunch of winners of all the cool donated prizes from LandsharkzWorld Caching and GeoKnots.  I personally won a GeoKnots friendship bracelet.
There was also a guess how many Jelly Beans there are in the jar contest too, and that was won by one of the Lemon-T clan!

Even my dad Postie Bear made a appearance on his way home from Saturna Island, I know he was happy to see everyone and glad to get a chance to talk to friends from our trip to the ET Highway.  
And after all was said and done, Just Leafy and I headed down the trail to find a Challenge Cache that we had the requirements for and a few of the CVPT caches on the way back.

Thank you so much Cache-keteers for the amazing event!!! And a thank you to everyone who was in attendance!

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