Thursday, 1 August 2013

366 Days(Cumulative) Done... Challenge Complete

Today I finally was able to get out and get the final for a challenge cache that I was working on called "The Wealthy Barber - 366 Days of Megalomania! - GC28YQW".  Today was the first day of the "31 Days of Geocaching" and this allowed me to get the first of the souvenirs that at are available for grabs this month.

Because I wrote a lengthy log on the cache page I figured I would share that log here instead of typing out a story here.  So here it is:

"Wow, it has been a long road to this one. Over the course of 3 years we have cached and cached, but never really gave any thoughts to finishing this particular challenge. I remember in October of 2011 I had decided to go for Giant Pickles challenge for 50 straight days of caching, and went for 107 days total... I kick myself in the arse for stopping there, cause I totally could have gone the 366 straight days with ease.. But sadly that is impossible now. 

But it was in September of 2012 that I decided to look into this particular challenge to fill in the 366 cumulative calendar grid on That looked easy enough, and when I looked at the calendar grid I was disappointed to still have so many empty days to do even with the previous 107 days done. 
The biggest obstacle for me was the fact that I am a fair weather cacher. My wife is cool with caching in any weather, but I hate hate hate rain. But I braved it up and worked away at it. And that was when I hit the biggest snag of all.

Looking at the grid again I realized I was missing a day on the very day I was to get married... July 13, 2013! There was no way I was going to find a cache on that day right? WRONG! 
Not only did I hold a photo flash mob event for the local and not so local cachers, I also attended a CITO in the morning of it and got a FTF on a tribute cache placed for me and my wife... Now how is that for dedication lol!

Anyway, by this point I only had a few more cache days to get done, and on 07/26/2013 my wife and I headed out the door to get "GCG56G - Shortstop" by Roswell. This was the last day we needed to have the grid complete and have cache finds on every possible day.
With that done I decided to save the find of this challenge cache for the first day of the "31 Days of Geocaching" on August 1, 2013. 

So today arrived, I awoke early to get a head start on the day. Tried to wake the wife up, but she wanted to sleep a bit more and told me to go by myself. Did my homework and decided to park at a little known shoulder and trailhead a mere 470+ meters away. Walked my way to GZ, but the GPSr lied to me and had me walking in circles in the wrong area. Decided to look at the map: zooming all the way in, and realized that the GPSr had me a good 70 meters too far. As a hint, use my picture of what I found nearby to find it easier. 
Once I did that, it was a super easy find and the cache was soon in hand. Signed the log, snapped a few pics and was on my way.
Thanks for the challenge, it was worth it."

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