Saturday, 31 August 2013

31 Days of Caching in August 2013

Back in July of 2013 Groundspeak announced that they were challenging geocachers worldwide to achieve a find on every day of the month in August.  They also announce that those that participated would receive a souvenir on the days that a find was made, this meaning that there was 31 total souvenirs to be collected.  To my non-cacher readers please note that geocaching souvenirs are pieces of digital art that are collected and available to be displayed on a geocachers personal profile.  This was met with mixed reviews on the Groundspeak forums, but personally I was all for it.  I though it was a great idea to get people out and doing something every day, so I went about planning my strategy.

My biggest hurdle was that there was not much in the way of traditional park and grabs left in the Victoria area, heck there were not that many left even in the surrounding communities.  So this meant if I was going to do this I would have to go to places up to an hour away every single day, and this would be a drain financially due to fuel costs.  My plan was already falling apart before August even started... But then I was struck with an idea, and it was back to the drawing board.

With my new plan of action in place I was ready to begin this month long challenge.  What I had decided to do was instead of going after traditional caches was to go solely after multistage caches and events.  But there really wasn't too much in the way of events in August, so then I figured that I should host one every weekend on Saturday for just 1 hour.  And so the "31 Days of Geocaching Booster Event" series born.
I scoped out the map trying to find where I would like to host these events and selected the locations.  Quickly I drew up the caches pages and submitted them, and in a few short days the events were published.  Next I fleshed out what multistage caches I would do, and the month was planned.  All that was left to do now was wait until August and get to work.

Well August arrived, and away I went.  But really I should stop here...  Seriously there was a ton of things that happened during the month, the caches, a wasp sting, a couple of FTFs (First to Finds), and all the events; including my own.  So how does one tell about everything that happened in a month and not have to go into some huge story?  I will tell you how... By showing you!

So please enjoy my photo montage of The GO! Team's 31 days of caching in August:

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